The millennials these days prefer texting than typing for the back and forth conversation. But email is the more formal way to communicate in the workplace and among professionals. The professionals in the workplace always expect well written, pre-planned and more self-contained messages.

But writing is a pre-planned and well-written message is not something the millennials are used to. If you are looking to engage with someone in a professional manner you would want to know the strategies for writing effective emails that stick out in the real world.

Top Free Email Service Provider

  1. GMAIL

Everyone Knows that Gmail is one of the famous email providers in the world. It is very easy to use for our daily communication through email. Gmail also offers 15 GB free email storage.

  1. YAHOO

Yahoo also a well-known platform for send or receive emails and it offers 1 TB free email storage. It is very useful for those who like to send documents daily.

  1. AOL

American online is mostly used in America and quite very much famous in the USA with extra storage more than Gmail. It is purchased by Verizon in 2015. We can import contacts CSV, TXT Or LDIF file.


The outlook is also one of the email clients before that we used the domain and outlook changed it to outlook. We can connect skype, powerpoint and other more software with outlook.

  1. ZOHO

Zoho is less email service provider in our list. It is used for the business purpose who holds a lot of potential information in the email. We can also replace the with our business domain name by the ZOHO lite and also give the storage of 5 GB free.

Sometimes people contact the teams from the email providers such as AOL support or Yahoo Support team to know the intricacies of the mail. But that is not the case and you should not contact the support team for this kind of thing.

This is what you have to get better at your end by reading about it and implementing the solution on your part.

Today we are going to look at the top 10 strategies for writing effective email content. You will learn a lot today and especially millennials who don’t have the experience of any formal communication or training.

Let’s Get Started The Strategies For Writing Effective Email.

Strategies for Writing Effective Email

Strategies for Writing Effective Email

The Subject Line Is Very Important

Now, you must think about the subject line for quite some time and it should summarize the content of the email. The subject line should be written in such a manner that the person reading the email should be able to tell what the content is going to be. Never leave the subject line empty when sending an email in your professional workspace.

Keep The Things To The Point

The most common mistake of the users is that they don’t try to write the message in a focused manner. Instead, they write the message in bits and pieces which doesn’t make any sense. You should write your thing in a focused manner and keep it straight to the point about what you are trying to communicate.


Attachments can work sometimes but you need to understand that in a professional environment people won’t have time to read a full 50 page PDF file. So, communicate as much information as you can in the mail content and avoid sending attachment along with your mail. The AOL support team also recommends the users to avoid the attachments.

Should Have A Clear Message

Don’t try to keep it short always like the other person won’t be able to understand all the time. You must be clear about what you are trying to communicate through your message and subject line. For example, you should have a subject line that explains who you are and what will be content on this mail.

Don’t Over-Communicate By Email

In a work environment, the biggest issue is the sheer amount of emails people have to go through. This is why it is advised that you don’t over-communicate by email and let them breathe a bit. So, you need to ask yourself is it necessary to send this email or this can be avoided. So, you need to avoid sending sensitive information in an email and don’t write anything that you don’t like.

Be Polite In Your Mails

People often think emails can be less formal than traditional letters but it is not true at all. The messages you send are a reflection of the professionalism, values, and attention to detail, so a level of formality is needed in the mails. You should avoid informal language, slang or inappropriate abbreviations in your mails and keep it formal as possible.

Proofreading Of The Mail Content

Don’t rush into sending the email so fast, you have to proofread the content of the mail account. There shouldn’t be any grammar, spelling, or punctuation mistakes. These types of emails represent your image which is why you need to be cautious. Just take a closer look at the email and remove any irregularities from the content.

Know About Formal And Informal Situations

When writing an email, you should know about formal and informal situations. And write the content according to that situation. AOL support team often recommends this type of styling of the mail content.

Respond Quickly

If you want to be professional and courteous, make yourself available at all times and reply to those emails as quickly as possible. Even if your reply is too short, just let them know that you are there and will respond in time.

Show Respect To The User

You should respect and restraint and not hit the Reply All button. If there is anything you would like to say to anyone, in particular, you should reply to that particular person. While email is not a private mode of conversation but you can ask them before sending a private and personal message.