Dubai isn’t all about buildings and dunes it is also home to miles and miles of snow-white, fine-sand beaches. Dubai is an emirate of Middle Eastern and is known to be luxurious. It is located on the Arabian Gulf thus the beaches are warm and deep blue.

Most of the beaches in this emirate are man-made, so they’re flat and wide, with soft white sand. Though some are private the government also made sure that there are numerous public beaches in Dubai. If you ever search beaches in Dubai, you will likely be impressed by the number of beautiful beaches this emirate has. So, plan your trip and book your emirates airlines flights ticket at very affordable Dubai Tour Packages with the best rates and visit these Top-rated beaches in Dubai which we’ve rounded up to help you decide.

Highlighting The Best And Top-Rated Beaches In Dubai You Should Visit


Situated between the Arabian Gulf and Dubai Marina, JBR Open Beach is the biggest beach in Dubai and is considered the best. JBR is known to Jumeirah Beach Residence that stretches in the entire JBR area. Its striking features are its fluffy white and powdery soft sand, and warm blue-green waters. JBR has complete facilities such as hotels, lifeguards, restaurants, and retail shops. For an authentic Dubai experience, head down JBR at sunset to snap camels against a backdrop of skyscrapers and the Ain Dubai observation wheel.

●       UMM SAQQIM

Known as Sunset Beach, Umm Saqqim is famous for having the best seat to view the Burj al Arabs scenery while basking in the sun and turquoise-colored waters. Umm Sequim is a long wide beach with white and warm waters. The beach is also one of the only surf breaks in Dubai, though the wave is not massive it is substantial enough to be enjoyed.

●       KITE BEACH

Kite Beach is also popular for having the many food trucks that surround the beach both during the day and evening. It is a section of Umm Suqeim beach and is known to be a haven for kite surfers and people flying kites thus the name Kite Beach. Kite beach is known to be wide, flat, and has sand not as refined as other beaches in Dubai. Good for kayak and paddleboarding activities, Kite beach is also directly opposite of the JBR hotel that is designed to look like a snail.

●       AL MAMAZAR

Al Mamzar Open Beach offers a more natural beach experience and less crowded. It is great for families due to the public parks, playgrounds, picnic area, and its two swimming pools. Though public Al Mamzar has amenities like shower, bathrooms, and changing rooms.


Palms Jumeirah is the fascinating palm-frond-shaped archipelago development that reflects out into the Persian Gulf. This beach is considered private but is affordable. All the beaches are either part of the luxury residential neighborhoods or owned by a luxury hotel. Some of the best hotels to enjoy Palm Jumeriah is The Riva Beach Club that offers daily admission to just access the beach and also The Waldorf Astoria Dubai Palm Jumeirah is at the top of The Palm and offers a wonderful, luxury experience.

The Palm Islands are the largest man-made islands in the world and one of the most unique developments on earth. Their one of a kind palm-tree shapes helps to add 520 kilometers to Dubai’s coastline. These fascinating man-made islands are considered the be the eighth wonder of the world.


Marina is a residential owned beach area located near JBR. It is located at the front of the JBR mall and is the last section of the coast. It is long and has Dubai’s typical soft white sand. With the restaurants, shops, little cafés, and ice-cream shops surrounded Marina beach it is easy to enjoy.

Dubai Marina is the largest artificial marina in the world. It is a man-made canal city, where the waters from the Persian Gulf were brought into a marina. It provides shelter for yachts and includes a long pedestrian walkway with a string of cafés, bars, and restaurants. Dubai was created to produce a large public space capable to accommodate a large population.


The Dubai Creek is a wide inlet from the sea and is Dubai’s trading port. It is one of the few sites in the state that is preserved and still retains Dubai’s history. This creek is a perfect place to collect your thoughts while taking a break from a busy crowded city.

●       Jebel Ali Beach

Known as a newly created industrial zone and the world’s largest man-made harbor, the Jebel Ali beach is home to long sandy shorelines that is easily accessible.  The Jebel Ali Beach has Dubai’s signature white sand and warm deep blue water.  Jebel Ali Beach also is less crowded compare to other Dubai beaches, thus you can enjoy and relax at the same time.

●       LAMER

Situated north of Deira and Old Dubai, Lamer is the newest beach development in Dubai. The beach gets cleaned multiple times a day to keep its quality and cleanliness. Lamer beach also has water parks, restaurants, a lounge, and air-conditioned cabins. Lamers is protected by Pearl Jumeirah’s development.


Nestled between the Burj Al Arab hotel and the Palm Jumeirah development, Black Palace Beach is called the Secret Beach. This beach does not allow vendors, sunbeds, changing rooms, kiosks, and doesn’t have any amenities available. Known to be wide, has white golden sand and warm aqua blue waters. With a view of Burj Arab, Black Palace Beach has been kept secrets and is a favorite among in-the-know locals and ex-pats.

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