Smartphones are pretty cool. But when your grandmother says you should put your phone away at the dinner table, maybe you should listen to her.

Smartphone addiction is real! We check our phones while we’re talking, working, walking, and even driving, even though we know we shouldn’t. We can’t help it! Well, you know what they say: the first step to fixing a problem is admitting you have one. You can use these tips to kick your Smartphone addiction, reclaim your place in the real world, and maybe even venture outside without a phone glued to your hand.

1.     Don’t Use Your Phone in Bed

Researchers say you shouldn’t use your phone in bed because the blue light interferes with your sleep hormones. Your bed should be a phone-free zone so you can kick your smartphone addiction. Honestly, it’ll make you feel better. It will be tough for a few nights, but eventually, you’ll get used to it.

2.     Buy Old Phone

There is a danger of becoming addicted to mobile technology. It is for this reason that a dumbphone is a wise investment. Don’t go buy latest the latest android mobile such as Vivo y73s; If you are serious about removing android phone addiction. Because these are not only expensive but also a waste of time such as you can’t find a Tecno mobile price under 10,000 Pkr. The term “dumb phone” is used to describe “old-school” mobile phones. The majority of these do not have access to intelligent applications, social media, or anything else that keeps you occupied all day.

You can take back control of your life with the best dumb phones, and stop spending too much time on social media. If you like to take your phone with you on weekends away, you may want to get a phone like this. A good smartphone should be cheap, offer great battery life, and be much less fragile than other smartphones.

3.     Get a Real Alarm Clock

If your phone woke you up, it can be tempting to reach for it first thing in the morning. By investing $10 in a real alarm clock, you’ll keep temptation at bay and decrease the risk of expensive Smartphone ‘accidents’.

4.     Make Meals A Phone-Free Zone

Try not to use your phone for an hour or more while talking with friends and family. No cheating! When someone mentions a funny image they saw on Reddit, have them describe it with words and/or a pen and paper.

5.     Turn Off Notifications

No notifications no reason to check your phone. At least in theory. So keep it that way. Our devices were made to make us more connected to each other. Disable app notifications unless they’re letting you know someone needs you right now, like a colleague, friend, or family member.

You might even want to delete social media apps from your phone and only use them via your computer. You can wait until later to update your friends and family.

6.     Complicate Your Lock Code

If you can’t get into your phone, you can’t check your phone! Make sure your phone locks immediately and that your lock code is a password (not a PIN or pattern). Make sure it’s both uppercase and lowercase letters, numbers, and special characters. It should be 18 characters long.

7.     Put Your Phone on Airplane Mode

You can try turning off your Internet connection if turning off your notifications doesn’t work (maybe you’re getting some phantom vibrations). The entire Internet No service no reason to check your phone.

8.     Have A Phone-Free Day Once A Week

Do something crazy and leave your phone at home once a week. You can do it all day (maybe half a day if you’re just getting started). Go outside! Read maps! Drive without the GPS! Go wild! Then come back and catch up on all the emails and texts you missed.

9.     Stop Scrolling

There are a lot of mobile apps (Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and more) that have infinite scrolling where you can consume an endless stream of information.

But infinite scrolling can make you lose track of time. Nothing holds our attention like the unknown. You’re constantly bombarded by social media updates, which make you look for things that captivate, engross, and entertain you. It’s like a loose slot machine, our brains can’t get enough of trying to predict what’s next. The infinite scroll gives you fast access to what psychologists call variable rewards.

Social media apps can be hard to live without, but delete the ones with infinite scroll and see how much time you can save.

10.  Calm Your Mind

There’s a real euphoric feeling when you get a social media notification, like when someone likes your Instagram photo. When these moments happen, we’re filled with dopamine, a chemical that makes us feel good. It’s an essential part of our brain’s rewards system, so it gets blamed for addictions, too.

Meditation, yoga, exercise, and other mindfulness activities have been proven to reduce phone cravings by releasing dopamine naturally.

11.  Take It Slow

You’re trying to curb your smartphone addiction, not go completely Stone Age. Quitting your smartphone and the Internet cold turkey will get you fired and you’ll relapse.

Maybe it’ll surprise you, but there’s a middle ground between checking your phone 3,165 times a day and not owning a smartphone at all.