It’s essential to turn a house or an apartment into a home whether you’ve rented or owned it. If you’re a renter, you can’t knock down the walls & tear up floors as the landlord won’t allow you to do so. In that case, some tips for reinventing the rental apartment would be of great help.

Here is what you needed to keep in mind, it’s better to beg for forgiveness than to ask for permission. Perhaps that’s the same thing you can feel about renovating your room for rent in Bur Dubai. You know what! Most of the landlords are way more agreeable than they appear to be on the paper.

If you are lucky enough find out a good landlord, many of them will thank or perhaps reimburse you for putting your labour & money into improving their property if it looks incredible. Even if you have a tight budget, here’re a few useful tips that’ll help you make your rental apartment look stunning. So let’s dive in;

Using Removable Wallpapers

Temporary wallpapers are mainly designed to be peeled off later. Inevitably, it’s one of the easiest and dynamic ways to change a space without any risk of damage. To brighten up your kitchen space, you can use a removable floral pattern that you can find on Etsy as a backsplash. It’s highly recommended to ensure that your walls are clean, dry and haven’t been painted in at least 20-days before applying the paper.

Whether you’re using a utility knife to trim the wallpaper or using a metal straightedge to prevent scoring the walls, you must start peeling from the top corner, pulling slowly downward toward the floor instead of out when it’s time for removal. If it takes off the paint with it as well, try aiming a hair dryer or heat gun at the surface.

Change the Window Treatments

When you entered your rental apartment the very first day, you must have had a terrible set of blinds that came with your space immediately. But for sure, you don’t want that anyway. In that case, you’re supposed to upgrade and invest in a new set of blinds that are fashionable as well as functional.  According to the experts, putting a curtain rod isn’t a significant renovation and most importantly, it can be quickly patched when moving out.

Inevitably, the window treatments done the right way will transform the way your apartment looks. Trust me! You don’t have to spend a much amount of money to get a set of custom shades for a custom look. It’s a good idea to get along with some affordable shades. And the best part! They are easy to install with an inside & outside mount.

Cover the Ugly Floors

If your floor is flat and doesn’t have any significant groove & grout lines, the ugly tiled floor can easily be covered with inexpensive vinyl flooring. The best part! There’s no adhesive used to make it permanent. So if you’re a tenant and when it’s the time to move out, you can pull the floor up to reveal the old tile underneath. Vinyl flooring is getting popular these days as it doesn’t cost much and makes your space look fashionable and new.

Add Some Shelves

When it comes to apartments in Deira Dubai, people are quite hesitant about mounting the piece on their walls as it can be time-consuming and overwhelming as well. Even though the rental apartment is entirely associated with being temporary, but you can make it more lived-in by hanging something other than art on the walls.

Adding shelves to make your place more functional is imperative for sure. Therefore, you can easily create a custom console for additional storage without taking much space with shelves. It’s not only about making your place look beautiful but functional & usable as well. Once you’re done adding up the decorative stuff on walls like painting & showpieces, you can add a few shelves so that some of the walls can be utilised for storage purpose as well.