There are many different golf mats on the market, and you’ll find with just a little bit of research that they can be quite expensive. Some of the best mats in the industry are described below, and this discussion should provide the basis for your own research into finding the best available golf practice mat.

Is It Bad To Practice On A Mat?

This is a question asked quite frequently by amateur golfers who are genuinely concerned about the benefits vs. the risks of hitting off practice mats. The bottom line is that there are a couple of drawbacks to hitting off a mat as opposed to real grass, and nothing can really replace actual grass as a surface to hit from since that is what you’ll find on a real golf course.

Some golfers believe that swinging from a practice mat can damage their clubs faster, but a mat like those sold by the Rawhide Golf Ball Company has a full 1/2″ underlayment which provides a soft base that will reduce any club damage. Other golfers have complained of aching wrists, fingers, or elbows when using a practice mat regularly, but when balls are struck properly, there is no real pain or discomfort associated with the golf swing. The benefits of practicing off a golf mat far outweigh any possible disadvantages, and those benefits will help you to become a much better golfer in the shortest possible time frame.

Best Golf Mats for Home Use

Here are five of the best-selling golf mats purchased in this country, including some high-end, and often expensive, mats, as well as those which are more affordable:

  • Country Club Elite Real Feel Golf Mat – This mat is priced from $200 to $350, depending on the particular style you choose, and its big selling point is the forgiving feel of its Long Fiber turf, which allows you to swing down and through the ball, just like on a golf course.
  • TrueStrike Double Golf Hitting Mat – A gel-based core makes this mat super forgiving and provides an authentic feel when hitting your irons off the surface.
  • Cimarron Ultimate Golf Mat – Three hitting surfaces are available on this golf mat, one for off the tee, in the fairway, and one for out of the rough, so you can practice all phases of your game using this one mat.
  • FairwayPro Golf Mat System – The unique ‘sliding turf’ feature of this mat is an attempt to overcome the poor shot feedback provided by some driving range mats, as it copies the actual forward motion of genuine turf by allowing clubhead force to power through your swing.
  • Grade A Rawhide Golf Ball Company Mat – A reconditioned superior golf mat, this mat has 1″ thick turf, 1/2″ thick underlayment, and a full 60″ x 60″ surface for ball striking, as well as tee holes on both sides of the mat, all at 1/3 the price of a new golf mat.

Are Golf Nets Worth It?

The short answer to this is yes, they are. Golf nets provide an extremely useful service to the average golfer, in sharpening your short game. There is no substitute for having a good feel for how much swing to take on a short pitch from fairway to green, or for chipping on from just off the green, and you can literally save tons of strokes by acquiring this touch.

That being said, there are obviously some chipping nets that are better than others, and you do get what you pay for. While all nets are functional and worthwhile, one thing you should be aware of is how easily they can be assembled and broken down again, in case you’re going to be positioning them at various lengths. Some can be very cumbersome in this regard, and you’ll want to avoid that kind of net if you plan to move it around in your yard.

High-Quality Golf Mats For Home Use

You can spend a little or a lot on practice mats for golf, but for the most part, the functionality will be the same. If you want to get the full range of usefulness from your golf mat without breaking the bank, the place to buy your mat is Rawhide Golf Ball Company. You’ll get a reconditioned golf mat in excellent shape that will cost less than half of what a new one from another company might cost you, and you’ll have the same level of use from it. Contact us when you’re ready to make your golf mat purchase and start lowering your golf scores.