Lead generation is all about attracting prospects who show their interest in what you offer. To attract these prospects, you need to provide some useful information, whether through online or offline marketing. White papers, how-to guides, tip sheets, e-books are all part of such information sharing.

What Is A Lead Generation Magnet?

Attracting interested prospects through information is in simple words called “Lead Generation Magnet.” The lead magnet provides a different type of attraction that pulls a potential lead out of a pile of suspects. Also termed as a “lead generation offer” or “lead baits,” a lead magnet is the centerpiece of any direct response marketing campaign.

Importance Of A Lead Magnet

A lead magnet should have information present in it rather than being entirely promotional. With a focus on education, the idea of a lead magnet is to help, not sell, as there would be plenty of time for selling later. Prospects look for information rather than promotional material in the early stages of the buying process. They conduct research early on and need information that can help them. By providing said information, you establish yourself as an expert in your field as well as improve your chances of attracting potential customers. You can track your results and manage the performance of each marketing channel if you use the same lead magnet. You can use lead magnets in almost all of your marketing channels, both online and offline like:

  • Website landing pages
  • Email marketing
  • Print, radio and TV advertising
  • Trade shows
  • Press releases
  • Cold calling

Today, social media has become a base of marketing operations that has many potential clients to attract and generate quality leads.

Let Us Discuss Five Ways With Which We Can Generate Quality Leads On Social Media:

Focus on Social Media Channels

The first point to consider if you want to create a lead magnet that works is to focus on social media channels that your customers use. You should know where you can find your targeted customers if you want quality leads. The key to a successful campaign is to choose the right platform that aligns with the nature of your brand. Most B2B businesses generate leads through LinkedIn, followed by Twitter and Facebook. There is no particular recipe for success, as you have to try out different options until you find the right one for your brand. For instance, Facebook targets almost every segment and age group. If your brand relies on trends, Twitter is your place. Instagram, Pinterest, and Snapchat are all popular among people and are quick reaching platforms.

Create Quality Content

Your lead magnet is useless if you do not have quality content to back it up. Your social network is as good as the content you share, so be careful with the content strategy you choose. Re-sharing a quality blog with timeless articles is essential, but there are other content types to look at as well. Infographics, YouTube videos, and downloadable content, all can make you stand above your competition. Sharing quality content on social media will give you high-quality traffic. An estimated ration of leads and visits from users on social media is 3-5 times higher than the general public reach. Ensure that the content you share is up to standard and has information that attracts your customers.

Run Social Media Ads

Another quality lead generation strategy is to run social media ads that come with many advanced marketing techniques. Not only do they give you the option to reach relevant targets, but they also help you interact with your leads. For example, you can select which geographical location to target with Facebook ads to market your product. That comes in handy if your target is a global audience. When a user clicks an ad, Facebook uses the contact information in their profile to fill the opt-in form. This feature simplifies the form filling, so prospects are likely to submit, giving you a quality lead.

Run a Photo Contest

Social media contests are an excellent way to interact with the audience and what better match than a photo contest to spark a user’s interest. Snapchat and Instagram are suitable platforms to hold such competitions. In addition to increasing the number of users that interact with you, it is an ideal means of strengthening the bond with your community. Photo contest holds a special place in social media as they provide visual and interactive appeal. Everybody loves to take pictures, and it becomes sweeter if there is a prize for a winner. You will get more quality leads along with contact information and user-generated content that will increase brand awareness and give you an edge.

Share Gated Content

When social media offers some sort of incentive in exchange for your contact information, this is known as “Gated Content.” For example, offering you an e-book in exchange for your personal information. Gated content means it is locked and accessible to those who provide relevant information against it. The idea of ‘gate’ implies that the content present is more valuable than anything offered free. It is an effective lead generation strategy as it aims at only those prospects who have the potential to convert.


According to marketing statistics, most B2B campaigns (about 60%) have managed to attract at least one quality lead, 43% from Facebook, followed by 40% from Twitter and other social media platforms. Social media is a powerful marketing tool to use if you want to generate quality leads with a chance to convert them into paying customers. With billions of users online every second, you are losing a big chunk of business if you do not target the social media audience. You can use the strategies mentioned above to leverage the power of social media in favor of your business.