A wedding is one of the most prominent events in any person’s life. Wedding is the creation of a deep & long-lasting connection between two people, who are, from that point forward, technically the same.

To celebrate a wedding, there are dozens of ceremonies designated for a single couple, such as giving a bouquet to your lover.

But at the end of the day, to commemorate the forever connection between two people, a cake is cut. Cutting a cake has always been done for celebration.

This cake is called a wedding cake, and we have collected the seven most fantastic wedding cakes that you can choose from if you are having a wedding of your own or a beloved one. Here are some of them:

Storybook Cake

Wedding Cakes

Source: Storybook

The storybook cake is based on the inspiration that your whole life is a story. You are just turning over a new chapter, that is, you are moving from being single to being married to someone. Your life is not only yours, but someone else’s to share with, too. Life is all but a mystery, and we don’t know what is going to happen in the nearby future.

This is what the storybook cake is all about. This multiple-layered cake is one of the most beautiful cakes ever to have been made in the entire world.

The storybook cake is also universal and has a lot of potentials to change the design. You can add notes, write content using the cream pen on the cake, and do so much more.

The storybook cake can be made anywhere, too. The storybook cake can come in any flavor also, and it will be quite an experience cutting this cake, to open up a new chapter in your story.

No-Frosting Cake

Wedding Cakes


The no-frosting cake, or more popularly known as the naked cake is for those who are very conscious about their health, and can’t risk cutting a cake that is coated with cream. The no-frosting cake has no frosting, so it has endless potential to add so much content on the cake. You can add so much more to the no-frosting cake that it might even not look like a no-frosting cake anymore.

No-frosting cake may also represent the fact that there is nothing that will be hidden within the couple from the wedding onwards. Their souls will be naked to each other, and they will be able to peek into each other’s souls without any judgments.

It is a fantastic choice for any couple who are both health-conscious and are looking to be completely open with each other.

Sylvia Weinstock’s Five-Tiered Cake

Wedding Cakes

Source: Sofia Vergara @ IG

The five-tiered cake custom-made from Sylvia Weinstock is hands-down, one of the most beautiful cakes to ever grace the planet.

This cake is so decorated and looks so beautiful that anyone seeing this cake will be just in awe. It will make for some of the most beautiful and most unforgettable memories. And it should be because it is your wedding, after all.

The cake is overall straightforward, in white, and any good cake maker can easily replicate this cake, though be sure to spend a good dime on it. It doesn’t come cheap, but neither do your memories.

Oh, and the cake is big enough for most people to have a taste of this cake.

Season Wedding Cakes

Wedding Cakes

Source: CountryLiving

If you are one of those people who are planning their wedding at the start of a particular season, you should go for a season wedding cake. There are different season wedding cakes for different seasons: fall, spring, winter, and summer.

The season wedding cakes come in almost an infinite number of designs, so you will no issues choosing the best plan for your wedding.

Season wedding cakes can also symbolize the end of a particular era, and the start of another period.

Another fun thing you could do is spice it up a little bit and get a different cake than the season that is just starting. For example, getting a fall cake for a spring wedding will be a funny thing for the wedding, if you are looking to end your wedding in laughter.

Glamorous Wedding Cake

Wedding Cakes

Source: the knot

The alluring wedding cake is undoubtedly an exciting cake to choose from. This is because a lovely wedding cake looks very stunning and shining. You may have seen the recent exciting trend where people would cover themselves in fascinating paint, for the sake of fashion.

Well, if you are into this fashion, fret not. The glamorous wedding cake is designed very neatly and looks as if it is made from gold.

Don’t worry, it is still 100% edible, and you probably won’t get any stomach issues from this cake. The glamourous wedding cake has the potential to add more toppings too because it has nothing otherwise.

The Britain Royal Family’s Wedding Cake

Wedding Cakes        

Source: englandsroyalfamily @ IG

Of course, no cake comes even close to the beauty of the cake that was made specifically for the wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton.

The Britain Royal Family’s Wedding cake is an eight-tier cake that was designed explicitly with white icing and 900 sugar flowers!

The price tag on this beauty is nothing to joke about, either. It cost a whole $80,000, which is more than the entire budget of most expensive weddings.

The royal wedding cake is something that will captivate your audience without even saying a word.

Square Wedding Cake

Wedding Cakes

weddingsutra @ IG

The wedding cake at Amal Alamuddin and George Clooney’s wedding is one of the weirdest contraptions to ever exist as a cake, and it looks so gorgeous that any symmetry fan would be perplexed at the design of the whole cake.

It is a four-tiered cake, and one of the most attractive options. Though it might take quite a lot of effort to recreate this cake, it still exists as an option for people who want something different.


If you are looking for beautiful cakes that will make your guests know that you are willing to invest more than just feelings into your relationship, and flex the fact that you are indeed able to spend a handful for your celebrations, these cakes are the option for you. You can also copy these cakes’ designs and make a knockoff all on your own that might be a cheaper alternative for you.

You can also mix between designs, but we wouldn’t recommend that, because each of these cakes look beautiful whole thoroughly.