In today’s day and age, the possibilities of gift-giving are endless. From chocolates to clothes, toys, games, and sports equipment, there is nothing that isn’t available at the comfort of a click.

However, what sets your gift apart from the pool of others is its thoughtfulness and uniqueness. For smart kids, it is always a great idea to present them with educational gifts. This will not only help them develop their brains, but it will also keep them engaged, keeping the learning going. A smart, educational gift can act as a foundation stone for further education in children.

Here Are A Few Educational Birthday Gift Ideas That You Can Present To Your Kid.



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To get your child to think logically, and apply their working knowledge of the world, there is no better stimulant than puzzles. Puzzle books these days come in various formats, with exciting puzzle games like Sudoku, logical reasoning, picture puzzles, and many more. The books come in multiple levels based on the difficulty or ease of solving the puzzles. One can upgrade the level once a child successfully solves puzzles of the previous level, serving as an excellent incentive for children. They are super fun, exciting and very inexpensive. Puzzle books make for great gifts for children of all age groups.


To get your kid’s creativity flowing, they must be introduced to the world of art and craft. And what better way to break the ice, than by drawing and coloring books. Not only are they super fun and engaging, but they are also extremely helpful in developing art as a hobby among young children. From simple coloring books to 3D drawing books, the possibilities in gifting drawing books are endless. To add on to it, art supplies also serve as great gifts.


The minds of young children are very impressionable. Hence, for the wholesome development of a child, they must be introduced to what lies beyond their line of sight. A wall map of the world is just the perfect way to add the world to your kid. You can get a simple wall hanging a scratch-off map of the world for your child. You can convert it into a fun activity by scratching off places you and your kid have been to and set goals of sites you’d like to visit in the future together.



 One can never go wrong with board games! The classic board games that we loved playing as children were not only super fun; they were engaging too. They weren’t mindless like the video games of today. Games like scrabble and GK games have an educational element to them, leaving the kid with new information every time they’re played. Other board games like chess, monopoly, Chinese checkers, business, etc., help the kid strategize their next move and stimulate their brain. It is high time that the mobile devices, play stations, and other video games be taken away from children, and they are introduced to classic, fun board games.


The habit of reading must be developed in the earliest stages of a person’s life. And there is no better way to introduce books to children than by gifting. From graphic novels for kids to comic books and mystery novels for teenagers, the options are endless. Books are a great way to introduce new concepts and ideas to kids and are a crucial building block for brain development. Some books that serve as perfect educational gifts include Junior Genius Guides series, Famous Five, Secret Seven, Encyclopedias, graphic dictionary, etc.


 Ideal for kids of ages 1-10, educational placemats are great to introduce your kids to new information. This way, your kids can learn while they have their meals. They are very inexpensive and are a significant investment. Available in a variety of fun colors and graphics, placemats can be used to teach kids alphabets and numbers. With the help of graphic placemats, kids can learn about flags, animals, flowers, and other exciting things.


Though a little on the expensive side, telescopes make for a great educational gift for young children. It is great for stargazing, especially if you live in the suburbs, where the sky is clear. For any budding astronomer, a telescope is an ideal gift! The parents can make spotting constellations and closer planets a joint activity that they and their kids can do together, and use this time to bond with them. A good quality telescope is an investment for the long term.

Some other great educational gifting ideas can include Newsday crossword 911, drones, microscopes, experiment kits, robot building kits, and math puzzles. These gifts are sure to bring out the genius within your child and accentuate their smartness.