Smartphones and apps have become necessary parts of our lives. From networking and habit building to managing finances and even fitness, there are apps for almost every activity under the sun.

However, with millions of apps available at the various app stores, it can become challenging to figure out which apps you should keep and which ones are taking your valuable mobile storage.

We Discuss Some Apps Here

In this blog, we bring you the eight best apps that can help you find, advance, or change your career. These apps will make your professional life easy and enjoyable and help you climb the next step of your career ladder.

1.    LinkedIn

The LinkedIn app does not only help you in job hunting, but it also keeps you connected and up-to-date with your professional network.

To grow your career, it is vital to stay informed on what is going on in your industry and how your peers are doing. As of 2019, the LinkedIn platform is used by more than 660 million users from 200 different countries around the world.



LinkedIn is a great place to follow your favorite influencers, discover breaking business news, and even share your articles and accomplishments with the community.

2.    Trello

With the growth of remote workers, effective management and collaboration have become increasingly important. Teams need proper cooperation and coordination on tasks to ensure that all the projects are carried out fast. Trello is the easiest way to assign duties in teams and track their progress until results are achieved.

Trello enables teams to start work and move it sequentially through customized tabs before they finish it. It paves the way to success and growth by ensuring effective management and coordination within remote teams.

3.    Grammarly

Communication is perhaps the most crucial skill for professionals to brighten their career prospects.

Grammarly is a tool that checks your spellings and grammar for anything you write online. Whether you are sending an email, editing a doc, or writing a blog for your website, Grammarly helps you find grammatical mistakes and spelling errors. It helps you rectify them on the spot.

It also provides custom tips to help you improve your communication. Additionally, the tool offers suggestions to boost your vocabulary, sentence structure, and writing style.

The Grammarly premium plan starts from $29.95 per month or $139.95 per year. By using the Grammarly Chrome extension, you can make writing your strongest skill.

4.    Udemy

Career growth requires continuous learning and personal growth. This includes learning skills and courses as well as polishing your current skills and knowledge.

Udemy is an online platform and educational app that offers courses in everything from writing and management to AI and cybersecurity. With the Udemy mobile app, you can access course documents, watch videos, or purchase the course content with the click of a button.

Udacity is a similar app that helps you learn how to code with courses in Java, HTML, CSS, and other languages. These courses will develop your career in the mobile software industry and even prepare to create your own apps with excellent UI/UX and proper security like Airg spam blocker apps.

The courses are taught by experts from esteemed organizations like Google and Facebook, and you can access it for free most of the time. Viewers can even download videos for offline viewing.

5.    Ummo

Communication and presentation are skills necessary at every level of your career. Many talented people don’t reach the level they deserve in their careers because they lack public speaking and communication to convince others.

Ummo is a speech coaching app that improves your communication by tracking your “Umm”s and “Uhh”s, clarity, word power, pace, and more.

Users can even customize Ummo to track their desired filler words and phrases. By clicking the record button, Ummo begins to analyze your speech and generate a report with customized metrics in the end.

Regardless of the industry and career level, individuals need to improve their soft skills such as writing and speaking. And Ummo helps you do it.

6.    Momentum

An effective way to achieve career growth is by forming positive habits that can help you turn your dream into a reality. However, it can be hard to maintain small habits and achieve goals consistently.

With an app like Momentum, you can build habits like reading and healthy living and track them as you make progress.

Momentum helps you know what you need to improve to build and maintain habits necessary for success. The app is currently optimized for Apple devices, and unfortunately, you will not find it on Android at the moment.


A professional resume can go a long way to help you stand out from the crowd. is an app that allows you to create an attention-grabbing CV with professionally designed templates that are off the chart. The creative and colorful infographics convey your skills, education, interests, and career history at a glance. uses timelines, bar charts, and word clouds to depict your education, skills, and levels of expertise. The only downside to this app is that it requires a desktop to run.

8.    Move Tracker

Move Tracker is a fitness app that helps you improve your performance by getting you in the right shape.

The app helps users achieve greater alertness, boost their brainpower, and get the promotion they have been planning. Move Tracker prepares you for growing your career with the right physical and mental fitness. The app is available both on Apple App Store and Play Store is free to download.

Wrapping Up

Mobile apps have changed the way we pursue or change our careers. Whether you need connections, polishing your skills, or creating a professional resume, there are apps that can help. Download the above apps and take a step towards achieving your career goals this year.