Did you ever experience giving up a sweet craving just because you do not want to experience the pain caused by tooth sensitivity? This is one of the things that a lot of people are experiencing due to different reasons. Some have already bid goodbye to ice cream, coffee and other beverages that they think were the causes of their tooth sensitivity.

There is no need for you to suppress yourself from food that you are eating before just because of tooth sensitivity. If you are experiencing this problem, you should also know the truth about the condition. Here are some of the myths about tooth sensitivity that you should stop believing immediately:

Tooth Sensitivity

Brushing Right After Meals Is Good

For most people who are in a hurry, brushing right after eating became a habit. You need to know that if you are doing this, you are also attacking your teeth and making it weak. This is the same as drinking soft drinks because it may lead to the weakening of the enamel. This is because the teeth are already exposed to high acid level. Instead of brushing right away, you should just let your saliva do its function for a few moments.

You Shouldn’t Drink Coffee Or Eat Ice Cream

Another myth that most people believe is that cold or hot food or drinks can cause teeth sensitivity. This is one of the cruel beliefs that you are imposing on yourself because it can hinder you from enjoying the small things in life. Instead of avoiding ice cream and coffee, you can just try determining the cause of the discomfort that you are feeling whenever you eat something hot or cold. There are kinds of toothpaste or other oral treatment that can be considered for you to be able to prevent teeth sensitivity.

Brushing Harder Means Cleaning Better

Most people would brush harder because they believe that this can be the best way to get cleaner teeth. Though you will indeed be able to clean your teeth better when you brush harder but it can also be the reason for abrasion. This is the condition when the surface of the teeth become weaker and the hard surface will be gone. This happens when you brush your teeth incorrectly. Instead of brushing harder, you can just consider brushing longer. This way, you can be sure that you will be cleaning your teeth well but not causing any damage to it.

Fluoride Is The Answer To Stopping Sensitivity

For some people, brushing becomes their number one solution to consider whenever they are experiencing sensitivity. This is because of the thought that fluoride is the answer when there is a need to stop the pain caused by the problem. However, it should be noted again that sensitivity can be caused by deeper reasons and it may not be solved just by clearing the teeth or the gums from debris and other food particles. Even if you were able to eliminate the food particles, you will realize that the fluoride or brushing itself does not solve the problem.

You Should Avoid Dental Cleaning

Aside from considering the best teeth whitening, there are different reasons why you need to visit the dentist regularly. Some people who are experiencing tooth sensitivity are blaming the dentist. They would say that the pain was caused by the process of dental cleaning. This is something that you should already discard because this is not true. Dental cleaning is needed and it should be done regularly for you to avoid developing a cavity and for you to be sure that you are dealing with other oral problems that you have.

You Need To Use Toothpick After Eating

A lot of people have developed the habit of using a toothpick after eating. This is one of the practices that can be harmful to you because of its negative effects that you may not be aware of. Whenever you use a toothpick after you eat, you are also exposing your teeth and gums to damage that can be caused by this sharp tool. Instead of using a toothpick, you can consider flossing. This can be done before you brush your teeth. It is more comfortable and it does not put your gums and teeth in a situation that can be harmful.

You Rinse Your Mouth With Mouthwash

The main use of mouthwash is to eliminate bacteria that cannot be eliminated by water and mere brushing. There are different types of mouthwash and they serve different purposes. However, it does not mean that sensitivity can be dealt with when you rinse your mouth regularly with mouthwash. There are proper ways on how this can be used and it should not be the sole solution that you should be considering when you are experiencing tooth sensitivity. The type of mouthwash is another thing that you should be checking. There is a specific mouthwash that can work for sensitivity and there are those that has other purposes.

Sensitivity Never Results In Tooth Loss

Some individuals are not paying attention to the sensitivity that they are experiencing because they have this thought that this will not result in tooth loss. The truth is, sensitivity can be one of the symptoms of gum recession. If this is not going to be treated, it can lead to gum infection and worse, tooth loss. This can also be spread to your head, neck or other areas. If this goes untreated, it can be a cause of a bigger problem that will not only affect your teeth and oral health but the whole of your system. This is why sensitivity should not just be treated as a simple problem.

Only Cavities Cause Tooth Sensitivity

Cavities can indeed be the cause of tooth sensitivity. However, it should not be concluded that this is the only reason why people experience this problem. It is proper for one to understand that most of the time the main reason why you experience tooth sensitivity is due to the wearing out of the enamel. This is a gradual process but when it starts, the dentine or the softer tissue are exposed and this is the one that is causing the pain.

Indeed, tooth sensitivity is not a simple problem that should be ignored. Aside from the different tips that were provided as the myths were discussed, one should also consider prioritizing his or her oral health. This is one of the best ways on how you will be able to avoid tooth sensitivity.