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Digital Publishing

Advantages Of Digital Publishing

It is impossible to deny that we are in the digital age. Throughout the day, we are surrounded by digital technologies. We have 24-hour access to our smartphones and the internet to find all the latest information about any topic.

Like any other field, in the past few years, the publishing industry has also witnessed a gradual shift from its conventional publishing methods to digital publishing methods. New technologies are being adopted to match the pace of this digital technology era.

It’s not just the publishers. Even the renowned writers are also going digital with their publishing. They make sure that the content is appealing and fits within the framework of E-Books. Most, importantly, the writers have also started focusing on making their E-Books interactive.

Thus, In This Blog, We Will Analyse The Perks Offered By Digital Publishing.

Cut Costs:

This is one of the most apparent advantages of digital publishing. As against the traditional print publishing, the cost of digital publishing is far less. It eliminates the printing, paper and shipping costs. It is much cheaper to pay for the designing and mobile app hosting of your E-Book, rather than ship thousands of books and magazines.

Wider Reach:

The goal of digital publishing is to reach as many people as possible with the majority being the smartphone users, who have direct access to online content. Interestingly, online content has no boundaries. With a single click, it can share with thousands or even lakhs of users.

Saves Environment:

Digital publishing is environment-friendly. According to an estimate, around 3.5 billion to 7 billion trees are cut down per year, and it takes roughly 24 trees to make 1 ton of paper. On the contrary, digital publishing does not require material other than computer devices. Thus, it can be said that one can save several trees from being cut through digital publishing.

Requires Less Storage Space:

The user can download which e-book they want to read and save on their devices; they can also delete it as in when they want. So, the digital publication helps to keep space. Also, one can practically carry almost an entire library without any hassle.

Monetizing Content:

Digital Publishing is pocket-friendly and eliminates excess costs, helping publishers earn more revenue. Many digital publishers are making money by selling ads space on the sites. These services will spot advertisements that are tailor to each mobile app. You can consider the data you save and sell ad space to companies who are responsible for placing their ads on your mobile app.

Interactive Reading Experience:

Digital publishing platform attempts to enhance the collective reading experience of the user. One cannot only turn pages in an e-book but also can zoom and change the font size as per the comfort. Users can immediately search for any relevant information in the E-book without turning many pages.

Analyze Distribution And User Behaviour:

Digital publishing can identify how many users have downloaded your e-book. This is quite useful in analyzing the readership pattern. It makes you understand the type of content the users are most interested in.

Easy Rectifications:

Republishing print book is costly, but with an e-book, one can quickly make edits and fix the errors. E-books are published on cloud-based digital stages, so if one needs to rectify things, it can do without any hassle.

Engages Students:

Today’s children are more fascinated with electronic devices and gadgets. While most children waste their time playing games, the e-book is an excellent option to engage them in something productive. They are an ideal way to enhance the vocabulary and knowledge of the children.

Can Be Read By Multiple Users:

Today with the e-book services online, the books can be read by multiple users on different devices. Most online e-book services allow 2-3 users to access the same account. Thus, it eliminates the need for every individual to purchase the same book. Moreover, it also acts as a catalyst for the free flow of the information.


You are one of the people who are fond of reading books while travelling. You always desist just by the thought of carrying them on your shoulders. In such a case, E-books are the best option for you. Whether you might be having a smartphone or a tablet or an Ipad, E-Books can easily access on any device.

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