Work-from-Home has become an important norm globally, as more and more people resort to social distancing. The majority of companies like IT and Digital marketing sectors are now implementing Work-from-Home to keep their employees safe from Covid-19 while being productive at the same time.

Now, for those who have their own house and people around to take care of the house, work-from-home seems like a much easier task. The majority of employees have their hometown in other states, cities, and districts and are living as a tenant in the working city.

If you are one of these people, you are probably familiar with the difficulties of working from home as a tenant when there are many things to consider and take care of. Keeping these shortcomings in mind, we’ve made a list of a healthy routine that you can follow. Read more to find out.

How to Balance & Maintain a Healthy Routine for Renters who Work-from-Home?

Living in a rented space does not give you the comfort of having to do everything at your wish since your landlord may have restrictions and allowances that you have to abide by. This goes out for all the renters universally.

However, you can still have a healthy routine, even if you are working from home. Here’s what to do:

1. Set Up a WFH Schedule

Working from home can be a difficult task if you live in a rented space. That implies that you may have to take care of everything else in the house while working at the same time. All of that can be a hassle, but not if you set a schedule for everything. Take a notepad and write out the list of daily activities in the house. For instance, set a time table for waking up, making breakfast, and getting to work, then making a time period for a lunch break and similarly, making a timetable for the end of work, evening chores, dinner break, and sleeping. Along with that, you can also get some cleaning tips from professionals such We Fix Dubai to make sure you are ready to implement your Work-from-Home regime.

2. Keep Landlord Informed

When you’re working from home, you need to keep your landlord informed about your work. As long as your work includes responsibilities as an individual worker and does not include bulks of commercial stock trading as a freelancer, you’d be allowed to work.

It is also essential to seek home business and commercial enterprises’ advice since many can affect the landlord’s mortgage or insurance. Keeping your landlord informed about your working hours also gives you the benefit that they won’t disturb you at crucial hours.

Instead, please give them a time stamp when you’ll be available for any discussion. If there is an issue with the rented place like bad wiring, bad lighting, or a broken sink tap, your landlord can help you with the maintenance services.

3. Keep Up Monthly Payments

Work-from-home gives you the advantage of saving your finance and managing income as efficiently as possible. Thus, paying your house rent, energy bill, and other expenses should not come as a difficult task as long as you plan out your monthly expenditure.

If you’re renting a house, make sure your monthly income can suffice it along with other expenses. Besides, every landlord appreciates tenants who are responsible and pay rent on time.

Mark the date and save up the expenses so you can pay off on the exact payment date. Here’s an additional tip that will benefit you. If you pay your rent a little earlier when the month starts, your landlord will get a good impression of you. If you’re falling short on your rent money, then be wary of informing the landlord and keep track.

4. Set Up a Clean Working Unit

When you’re going to be working from home in a rented space, you must set up a clean working space where you’ll be working. A working space gives you comfort and eases to work with added productivity and a positive mindset.

Set up your desktop or laptop on a table and get an adjustable chair where you can sit straight and comfortable. Make sure the working unit has adequate space and fewer distractions like traffic noise.

Position your desktop such that no one can sneak into your work without being noticed.  Additionally, you can also decorate the working unit with useful and handy items like a portable network adapter, Bluetooth speaker, USB Driven light, etc.

This also gives your landlord a good impression and makes them trust your ethics. Tidy up the entire space too during the weekends so that you feel comfortable in your own house. To get more ideas, research more on Cleaning tips.

5. Be at Good Manners with Neighbours

A rented space means that space belongs to some else, and you borrow it for the time being. This implies to others around you as well. Since most rented places come under a big community of other people, it is important to keep being on your best behavior when communicating with them.

Be friendly to them if they need you at their time of help. While it is also important to maintain social distancing amidst the global pandemic, be wary of your surrounding, and act wisely. This will also keep your impression good in the eyes of your landlord.

6. Avoid Multi-Tasking

When you’re working from home, you might take pride in multi-tasking, which can often result in consequences. For instance, if you are mindlessly working and paying attention to what you might cook for lunch or the top 10 Cleaning tips, you will soon find an accidental error in your work. It is important to keep focused on a single thing at a time, so a schedule for daily work is important.

Keep distractions away when you work by using soundproof methods or getting noise cancellation earphones. Here’s what you can do. Finish a task, be it work related to house chore related. And then, jump to the next task until you’re done finishing it. For example, if you’re going out to get groceries, be mindful of getting everything you were looking forward to buying so that you don’t have to go out soon again.

7. Practice Self-Care

While you’re working from home, it is easy to forget to take care of the only thing that keeps us going, and that is our health. While it can be stressful to manage everything you’re on; taking care of your own health is more important than anything else.

Make a routine to change your diet and eat a nutritious meal every day. Set up a timeline and goal to see your results. Investing in home workout units can be beneficial too. When you get your homework equipment, make a separate routine for working out.

For instance, in the morning or the evening after you’re done working. The sooner you start self-care, the more productive results you’ll see.


Work-from-Home is becoming the new normal everywhere. Some have known the agendas while others are gradually getting accustomed to it. Either way, a health routine like this will be useful to you without any drawbacks. Research more on Cleaning tips and build your rented space as you own it. Get started today!