Android covers almost three-fourths of the global market share in the Smartphone. Nearly 8 out of 10 are android phone users in the market. It has the majority of shares in the market and app development market. Android application development is a considerable market rendering brilliant opportunity for the developers to build scalable apps and user best creative skills.

Android Application Development

Android is the world’s most popular operating software, developed by Google developers. Moreover, it is an open source software and based on Linux kernel and primarily used in the touch screen smartphones and many devices. The most popular platform for the creation of application and games for android users. It is also being used now in Television, cars, wrist watches. There are other variants of the Android versions that are being used in the gaming consoles, DIgicams, and many more electronic devices. It is declared the secure selling operating software in the mobile market with approximately 2 billion users and more than 2 million applications.

Android applications are written with the use of a software development kit and written in Java Programming Language. From 2017, Android applications can be developed using Kotlin programming language.

Advantages Of Android Application Development:

Swift Innovation:

Android is swiftly growing and broadening the horizons to enable the developers worldwide to use and employ their potential to build creative apps. Moreover, it facilitates the speedy development of the operating software forefront and in the market.

Android provides access to the brand new technologies and innovations on several devices, form-factors, chipsets to the developers. Therefore it empowers for multicourse processing with huge quality graphics.

Strong Development Of Framework:

Android fulfils all the necessities to create apps for the best user experience. However, It furnishes with the single application model that facilitates deployment of applications to the full availability of the users for phones and tablets all across the globe.

Android facilitates developers with the up to date tools that make apps attractive by using the hardware capabilities adorned by each device. IT utilized the User Interface to provide better appearance on every machine in addition to offering control as desired by the developers as per the User Interface of the device.

The Open Market For Applications:

Google Play store is an open market space for Android applications for sale and distribution. Google play makes android apps available for millions of Android users all over the world. Therefore the Google play enables the client to publish apps in any locations and as many times and on multiple segments. It empowers the client to have control over the prices and the release on apps.

The applications help the client earn revenue with in-app purchases, subscriptions with the high engagement of the users. It also empowers the clients to control pricing and modify the pricing of apps at any point of the time. The client can present across the apps and platforms by making apps visible on other applications and brands. However, As the brand becomes more visible and accessible in the market, it can be used for promotion and generate revenue for the developer.

Increased Return On Investment:

One of the significant advantages of Android development with the easy availability of the Android software development kit. Developers use the SDK for building attractive and high-quality apps. It is easy to build apps for the Android platform. Hence the developers have to pay single time fees, just registration for the distribution of applications. After the payment of taxes, the developers can build Android apps on any device to develop and test apps for smartphones. Therefore it facilitates the developers to build scalable apps with enhanced user engagement at low investment.

Rapid Deployment:

The companies have a competitive edge in the market as the deployment cycle of the Android last only for a few hours. The clients with a unique and distinct idea can introduce new applications within just a few hours. It is one of the most beneficial features of android app development.

Hassle-Free Integration:

The android applications are easy to customize according to the business needs of clients. However, It is a downright perfect operating software for those who are searching for complex technical customizations and integrations of web or mobile applications.

Multiple Sales Channels:

The Android platform eliminates the need to depend on the single platform, and It allows the distribution of applications on various platforms using third-party application markets. Moreover, It enables the client to create personalized sales and distribution channel different markets and development of apps store to display on its website. The client has the power to build, publish, and reach to customers with its distribution channel.

Convenient Adoption:

It is straightforward to build android apps as the apps written in Java programming language. The developers with the knowledge of Java can build apps without any hassle. Furthermore, It is easy for the Java programmers to draft and adopt the android applications as it is supported by the extensive libraries and tremendous community support.

Why Are Android Applications Best For Business?

  • Huge Popularity:

There is a high rise in smartphone users in the last decade. The Android platforms used OS for app development. There are more Android-based phones users in the market as compared to the IOS app development platform. The Android platform offers more flexibility to build attractive and unique apps. Google play store has millions of Android applications with hundreds of apps launching every day.

  • Boost Productivity:

In the current scenario, most of the population uses mobile application for performing various tasks. Therefore Mobile application development for android platform furnishes to add higher revenues for the business as there are more users all over the world, and it involves a low cost for the development process. However, It is a cost-efficient option available for trade -owners to launch apps.

  • Creative Apps:

The Android app development platform facilitates developers to employ their creative expertise for developing distinctive and customized applications. Moreover, Attractive apps are adorned with many unique features that deliver enhanced user engagement and bring more return on investment.

  • Easy Customizable:

The Android OS provides easy customizations for the apps. Therefore apps modified, and new updates added without any complexities to enhance the user experience and boost profits.