Looking for a great way to inspire yourself as you gear up to remodel your home? Have you tried looking in some of the area’s more distinct and forward-thinking hotels? It might seem a little odd at first, but luxury hotels and businesses that provide lodgings catering to an inspired niche of travelers seeking a unique experience can be one of the best ways to see what interior design trends are breaking.

That’s because competition in the field is fierce and regular remodeling projects to update the look and stay ahead of the industry’s wide-scale distribution of ideas through the national chain hotel companies are necessary for these unique businesses to stand out.

Santa Barbara Hotel Lobbies To Inspire Your Next Remodel

If you’re looking for ideas that will look great in your area, the key is to look in your area, so you’ll find great coastal home interior design ideas by looking at coastal hotels.

1. Multi-Cultural Fusion At The Hotel Californian

If you love complex geometric patterns that flow together through a shared color scheme, modern furniture choices that call back to the mid-20th century, and dark wood features to punctuate the effectiveness of your spaces, look no further than the beautiful interiors in common spaces and lobbies at the Hotel Californian.

This unique Spanish Colonial Revival blends a combination of modern and mission-inspired Spanish themes with a combination of Moorish and Moroccan influences that play to the long shared history of Spain and North Africa. The result? Well-organized but busy visual appeal that helps ground you and calls attention to major features in the space without clutter.

2. The Four Seasons Biltmore

A couple of years ago, this longstanding Spanish Colonial experienced the brunt of a mudslide and had to be remodeled. In addition to repairs and decor updates, the hotel also installed a series of new bungalows with plunge pools and fire pits to enhance the guests’ experience.

Their lobby remodel reflects muted colors with wall decor ideas from artists whose style blends seamlessly into the architecture, and the individual rooms continue to reflect this, with an added coziness that comes from their abundantly plush furnishings and upholstery. Wall decor ideas including art are abundant here, and it just takes a walk through the common spaces to pick up inspiration.

3. The Rosewood Miramar Beach

This stunning hotel on Montecito has common spaces that are furnished to have the warmth and intimacy of a personal library or drawing-room, using traditional model floor plans and seating density designed to invite several small conversations in different areas of the room. It punctuates this traditional layout with modern furniture and decor ideas that help provide a more fluid appearance and a splash of color, contrasting the dark hardwood room features with the bright, soft appeal of the furniture.

It’s a truly unique experience you have to see for yourself, and it’s no wonder Santa Barbara interior designers are often called upon to recreate its feel in private homes. The effect is simultaneously elegant and comforting, cozy and luxurious. Talk to a design professional today to learn more about how to achieve this nuanced balance when you remodel at home.