The times are changing, and people are quick to develop E-learning tools; for a better approach to education. These interactive apps have been designed to make studying a fun activity. Naturally, if a child is more invested in playing addictive games online, and then reading long, boring texts for knowledge can be a struggle.

Best Apps For Education

Hence, the following app has been top-rated amongst both children and adults who would like to incorporate a more technological method of learning. Although the use of the internet has also paved the way for other shortcuts. Like searching the answers for quizzes online, bluffing your teachers by reading off reviews on books instead of reading the entire manuscript or even seeking sites to buy essay online. Thus, the internet can be a boon or a bane depending on how it is being used.

1 Quizlet (Free With In-App Purchase Option)

The highly interactive app is said to be like a sincere friend or teacher by users. You can not only take customized quizzes on the app, as the name suggests – but you can also create flashcards for every subject as well as learn through memory games. The app can be used by students of any age group, which makes it even more popular.

2 Khan Academy (Free)

Khan Academy has grown as an educational giant when it comes to learning on the internet. With the joint efforts of Salman Khan and other teachers, Khan Academy is quite remarkably a substitute for school teachers. It includes full videos on subjects like physics, chemistry, history, mathematics, and many more questions.

Their courses in English not only help you with literature programs but also with informative essay writing help. With the app, students can review concepts and revise several subjects from elementary to high school. And the best part is that it is free!

3 Udemy (Free with a few paid courses)

Almost like Khan Academy, Udemy also provides courses online for people to learn a variety of subjects. But the classes are more advanced and are related to photography, IT and software, designing, photography, marketing, personal development, and business.

Hence if you look for professional help in a career you started. For example, freelance photography or your own business; taking up online courses through Udemy can be beneficial to save time and boost income even if your business is as small as providing essay editing and proofreading service.

4 Seesaw

Visualization can help you stick to your goals better. With a little play on words, the app helps with the display of your progress. Hence, students, as well as both teachers and parents, can now keep track of their performance; in a fun and exciting manner.

The app also has several methods of learning through drawing, videos, or audios – so students have the liberty to choose what fits them best. Moreover, with the app and its tracking software, students become more aware of their strengths and weaknesses. They can then share this with their family through the app and can work on bettering themselves. With the portfolio of each user on the app, students work hard actually to reach their goals!

5 Google Classroom

As the name suggests, the app helps teachers conveniently create a virtual classroom that can be accessed anywhere with an internet connection. With a more integrated platform all online utilities provided by Google like Google Drive, Google Docs and Google Calendar – it has become easier for teachers to schedule their classes, exchange documents as well as share images about the lecture. It also allows teachers to grade the assignments online. Everything takes place in a comfortable, paperless manner.

It is almost surprising how app developers have come up with software that is not only helpful but is also made fascinatingly. No wonder they have risen to popularity in such a quick time. But it also comes from that fact people are generally more receptive to the change in technology. Mainly since they have already been accustomed to it beforehand.


Hence, the transition has been more comfortable. This reflects that there is a brighter future for more integrated systems about artificial intelligence as well as machine learning – that will involve a full-fledged experience. But for now, the said education apps are already playing a big part in transforming education from the conventionally followed methods.