Are you wondering about doing something thrilling with your partner this Saturday night? Well, why not try out some of the best places to drink together and make it come true? There are so many reasons why drinking with your partner can be amazing. You will forget all the stress and fall in the blissful moment, into each other.

Boozing with your partner not only sounds cool but can be exhilarating if you choose the right place to drink. Whether you are looking forward to taking your special one to a classy date, or want to hang out to some of those best bars around, you can find it all here. We have a curated list of the fanciest and most exotic places around the world, where drinking with your loved one can be perfect joy.


Top 10 Places Around The Globe To Sip Wine With Your Partner

Vertigo Restaurant And Moon Bar, Bangkok

Have you ever thought about sipping one of the most beautiful drinks on the 61st floor of a skyscraper? Well, at this restaurant-cum-bar, situated on the main road of Bangkok, you can have a perfect view of the sunset and the precious resource of infrastructures that lie in the midway of the busy city.

Moodhu Bar And Restaurant, Maldives

If you’re up for a fun-filled weekend, you can have the best nightlife of your life at the Moodhu Bar in the Maldives. The drinks, the dim lights, and the roaring of the sea waves, all make it lovely to enjoy a glass of red wine with your partner. Built on stilts over the lagoon, it is filled with a romantic ambience and a serene setting.


Grotta Palazzese, Polignano A Mare, Italy:

Grotta Palazzese serves you some of the best wines in Italy, in the most beautiful way. Situated by the Adriatic sea, the brilliantly architectured spot in the coastal area is perfect for a lifetime experience with a special someone. You can enjoy the premium quality whiskey, served in a cave, right by the seaside.

Verne Cocktail Club, Buenos Aires

With the perfect match of sophistication and fun, the Verne Cocktail Club is ideal for a date night. Decorated with the best quality velvet fabrics, Ottoman-style rugs, and a romantic ambience, the place is one of the best places to try quality drinks.


Nottingham Forest, Italy

Being one of the coolest bars in town, the Nottingham Forest bar justifies its name by offering great drinks. The cosy, warm ambience is perfect for couples. The drink-menu is enormous, and you’d find everything to match your taste here.

Vista Restaurant, Song Saa Island, Cambodia

You can have premium quality beverages, and wines at one of the best spots in Cambodia while experiencing the oceanic beauty at the island. The spectacular look of the surrounding will make drinking with your partner even more exciting.


Flight Club Manchester

You can have a gala night with your partner at Flight Club Manchester. Here you can not only enjoy some of the best drinks in Manchester but also play dart games and laugh out your lungs together. You’ll always want to come back here.

The Jerry Thomas

Situated in the heart of Roma, Jerry Thomas Speakeasy is one of the best bars in the city, and it is best for couples on a romantic date. It is also called the secret bar, which will unfold several hidden mysteries in its stupendous bar.


Bin 707 Foodbar

Another excellent place for you to spend some quality time with your beloved, in a classy yet straightforward ambience, is the Bin 707 Foodbar. You can enjoy your drinks in an enchanting and musical surrounding.

Monvinic, Spain

If you intend to taste wine from the four corners of the world, then this is the perfect place to come with your partner and have a merely blissful time.

Perks of Boozing With Your Partner

  • You forget all the things you’ve been fighting about: If there is the slightest of issue. It will be a pure moment of happiness, thrill, and love.
  • You fall for each other again: When you sip the bottle, the intoxicating feeling crumple inside and you fall for each other over and over again. When your partner looks straight into your eyes with that magic spell cast by tequila shots, you can’t resist.
  • You look more beautiful to each other: You will recall all the lovely things about your partner, and start to look prettier to them as well.
  • You do crazy stuff together: This is the fun part, where you can run into strangers, and do all stupid yet amazing things which you might not even remember the next day.
  • You’ll never be sceptical of each other: You won’t have to worry about anything else because your partner is with you, drinking from the same bottle, that you are. Won’t that justify your closeness to each other?
  • All your friends automatically approve of your partner: This automatically follows, your partner becomes one of those loved pals in your gang too.


How Can You Make Your Wine Sips More Exciting?

Select New Places Each Time: Going to the same old place is good, but it is only when you try different places, you’ll find what is best for you.

Try New Brands And Flavors: Whether you like wine, whiskey, or beer, go for the best brands, and keep trying newer brands for change in taste, and more fun.

Exchange Your Shots Sometimes: You can order different drinks, and exchange your glasses sometimes, maybe?

Try Out Quirky Spots To Increase The Thrill: Drinking on the seashore, or under the ocean, or perhaps surrounded by nature, or on a skyscraper can make it unique.

Do Adventures And Weird Things Together: Do not miss out on doing anything adventurous with your partner, be it laughing out loud in public, or just running into each other.