As an avid sports fan, I enjoy keeping up with most sports on my phone. Golf has always been an interest of mine because of how it requires intense focus and attention to detail on the part of the players. However, I don’t get nearly enough detail about the sport itself from my basic sports apps. When I was searching for better ways to get golf information, I came across this list:

Tops Apps for PGA Tour & Golf

With these apps specific to golf and the PGA Tour, you can get in-depth statistics and live information on your favourite events and players. Here are a few ways these apps can get you closer to the action.

Learn Relevant Historical Information About The Sport

Golf is a unique game because of its incredibly long and rich history. If you understand the history of the game and its origins, you’ll have a greater appreciation for the sports when playing it yourself or watching amazing athletes. The equipment, the players, the training, and even the score-keeping has changed over time, enough so that history can’t even exactly identify where golf began.

People don’t understand how much the game has evolved from its European origins after the Middle Ages. Many people believe that it began in Scotland or the Netherlands by players who would attempt to hit a leather ball with a stick onto a target in the fewest amount of shots. If the history of the game interests you, then these mobile apps are your ticket into the past!

Golf Apps

Best Ways to Use Golf Apps & Get the Daily Golf Info Feed

Watch Video Tutorials From Professionals

Along with interesting insight into the game’s history, you’ll also find ways to improve your own golf game as well. When you can be even somewhat successful at golf, it’s an incredibly enjoyable game. There’s no better feeling in the world than hitting a well-struck golf shot. So if you’re wanting to learn from the best to hit a few great shots your next round, you should check out these mobile apps to find some tips and videos to take your game to the next level.

With helpful info from professional instructors and players alike, these apps have everything to help you master your game. There are lessons on putting including videos on reading the green, diagrams on how to pick the best putter for you, and the proper mindset to have for different putts. There are even tutorials to help you pick the best equipment and find ways to buy it online.

Stream Live Golf Anytime, Anywhere

Along with improving your own golf game, these mobile apps will help you keep track of your favourite golf pros and the most exciting golf events. You’ll be able to stream live golf right from your phone, so you no longer need to be in front of a TV at the perfect time, or ever! We all know that some worldwide golf events come on at weird times, but now you can record or stream from your phone whether you’re on the bus to work or sitting on your boat.

What could be better than enjoying the exciting final round of a PGA Tournament at your convenience? These mobile apps can even send you notifications when your favourite players are teeing off or beginning a press conference. Your phone can now bring you closer to the pros you love to watch and all the details of the PGA Tour drama.  With golf and PGA Tour mobile apps, your days of missing out on the content you want are over.


PGA Tour and Golf mobile apps can help you understand and follow this beautiful game even more closely by helping you dive into its history, giving you access to helpful tutorials, and allowing you to stream live golf events.