There’s no need to lament your thick locks anymore. Since the right hairstyle can help you feign the look of thicker hair, hairstylists believe that your choice of haircut matters a lot if you have thin/fine hair. So, thin hair requires snipping, shearing, and shaping to give it a thicker, bouncier look. It’s kind of like an optical illusion crafted by the masterful hands of a professional beautician. But, no matter how skillfully you curl, style, and prune your hair, it won’t acquire a fuller look without the correct technique. So, what are the best haircuts that add volume to a person with thin hair? We’ve compiled a brief list of hairstyles that can wonderfully turn your lifeless tresses into voluptuous braids.

Stylish Haircuts For Thin Hair

Thin-haired individuals are afraid of hair loss and damage to their frail plaits. Some even confuse having fine hair with the term “thinning hair.” Rest assured, girls! Since thinning deals with hair loss and having thin hair doesn’t mean you’re vulnerable to young-age baldness. However, specific haircuts may damage your weak tresses. Therefore, professional hairstylists have proposed some tricks for you ladies. Here are some volume-boosting haircut recommendations from experts:

  1. Angled Lob:

This haircut creates a fantastic effect for any onlooker. Angled lob has collar-bone length while it’s shorter at the back but slowly becomes longer at the front. Now, you can medium-length hair without having to support the weight of lengthy curls. Models such as Jourdan Dunn and singers such as Park Choa look mesmerizing with these half-length light haircuts. This style creates the illusion of volume even if the person has adorned straightened hair such as Lucy Hale’s.

  1. Pixie:

Want to add wholesomeness to your strands in a unique way? Try the pixie hairstyle as Charlize Theron, and everyone’s favorite Ellen decorate their heads with it! A heavier pixie-cut with a fuller top gives your hair a bulkier expression. This haircut is also popular because it’s low-maintenance and doesn’t require much upkeep. Just pick up your trusty iron and give your locks a little shine before heading to work. But be cautious about overworking as it can ruin your light flocks.

  1. Perm:

Some fine-haired women are afraid of getting perms. Thin curls are indeed susceptible to damage after a perm. However, certain perm styles do give the illusion of volume to your hair. No wonder the most popular hairstyles per state have the perm dominant in the west. Beach waves and spiral perms add body to your tresses without damaging them. Having fine hair has ceased to be an obstacle for thin-haired sisters. Now some mermaid waves can give your head a fuller look.

  1. Long Lob:

Some people don’t like long and layered haircuts, but they’re averse to short and blunt hairstyles as well. Therefore, experts have devised a mid-length option for them with subtle layering. This hairstyle gives you light layers with deep side parts in which your locks fall sweepingly on one side. It’s mostly favorable for those thin-haired individuals who aren’t fans of the pixie option. You can use a curling iron (which may cost around $200) to texture this haircut.

  1. Swag:

This modern hairstyle is fun, light, and easy to wear. Some even call it a modified version of the ’70s-style shag. The creation of this beauty is attributed to the fashion designer Alexa Chung. The essential components of this haircut are soft waves and long fringes. No matter what the length of your locks is, this style will suit your personality. It adds more volume to your hair, becoming a sweetheart among certain Hollywood circles.

  1. Ponytail:

A voluminous ponytail can give your frail locks a capacious look. Just gather your tresses into a beautiful ponytail and enhance your hair volume with some beachy waves. Don’t let your thin hair fall flat; instead, prop it up and try doubling it for extra lift. Beauticians also recommend the tousled ponytail that provides an immediate thick-looking expression. Bubble ponytails aren’t less fashionable. Try wearing a hair scarf. It isn’t mandatory but works excellent with thin curls.

  1. Double-Braided Updo:

Just like perms, braids have also acquired a sort of bad reputation among thin-haired women. A double-French-braided updo requires the right texturizing. And you can embellish this gorgeous hairstyle while you’re at the gym or partying with your friends. Or you can put some decent-looking bows into your braids and decorate a Phoebe Buffay appearance on your head. A bow can make your braids flat as pancakes, giving the illusion of thicker plaits.

  1. Blowout:

An average human scalp gets garnished with around 100,000 follicles. These small outlets are hair-producing pockets in our skin. When these follicles are mutually distant, you have a condition called thin hair. So, it’s all about a lower hair density on your head. A simple method for fine-haired ladies and gentlemen is to dry your hair after washing. This effortless technique can give your locks an excellent finish. Getting bouncy-looking plaits isn’t a challenge anymore.


People don’t generally admire lackluster locks since even minor hair loss can become apparent and make them awkward. One can’t just blame genetics for thin hair. Stress, a protein-lacking diet, and even hormones may cause you to lose your follicle thickness. But the right cuts and stylings promise thin-haired individuals thicker tresses. Therefore, stylists suggest experimenting with blunter lines with minimal layers.

Moreover, pixies, bobs, and lobs are also advisable for fine-haired people. On the other hand, heavy hair products (oils/conditioners) can damage thin locks, so caution must get exercised. Consider our selection and find a look that goes along with your temperament.