Have you heard of the Indian group that originates from the little town of Brampton? Surely this is known by the name of Mini India. Half of the Canadian population is considered to be on the side of the Punjabi community as the history goes by the tradition that once lived here. Therefore, the people of Canada is considered to be more on the side of the Sikhs as it also contains some of the migratory population as well here.

It feels more or less like home as all the Indians gather together to stay up to date with their own culture and also brings in the local way of living there as well.

Some of the Punjabis were born and brought up there, and since then, Punjabi is considered to be the 3rd language, and English and one of the local languages of Canada is considered to be the 2nd and 1st languages respectively.

Majority of the Indians living in Canada, occupy the areas of Vancouver, Ontario and the capital, which is Toronto. While most of the Punjabis follow their Sikh religion there, therefore, there are several gurudwaras there as well so that the people can pray and honour their faith. Along with the Sikh population, an equal amount of Hindus and Muslims also stay there as well.

Which Is The Biggest Punjabi Colony In Canada?

While the population of the Punjabis began to grow, they started to occupy small parts of the several districts of Ontario and even Toronto. Till date, Toronto and Ontario are considered to have the highest population of Sikhs. Although there are a lot of immigrants living there as well, the relatives also come and stay in the country as well.


Canada Is Known As Mini-India

There are some notable Punjabi personalities out there as well, who originally belonged from Canada, as they were born and raised there. Some of them include being:

  • Sukh Dhaliwal
  • Tarek Dhaliwal
  • Navdeep Bains
  • Lilly Singh
  • Tiger Jeet Singh

There is also a minister for the mini-state of Punjab here, and all of the solutions and problems are adhered to with all possibilities.

What Are The Studying Prospects In Mini India?

If you plan to study in Canada, then there are some great opportunities for all of you out there. With the list of universities and colleges being on the right side, the limitations are not endless at all. Thus, some of the unique courses that are to be taken up there are as follows:

●      MBBS

One of the top courses that happen to be in practice in Canada is none other than MBBS. Therefore, there are some responsible opportunities on the clock that help the students in learning the course and studying it as well. Plus, most of the colleges out there are there to provide the facilities required as well, and the chances of being on the flexible side are also there as well. Concerning that, the students can have the best time and secure a good career there.

●      Engineering

There are various engineering colleges out there where the students can apply and get in touch with multiple sectors that would help to use to get a decent job back in the country as well.

According to some of the colleges in Canada, engineering is taught with topmost priority, and thus, the essentials bring in a reasonable effort as well.

●      Fashion Studies

Love fashion and looking for an excellent college to get enrolled in? In Canada, their lots of opportunities to take uptrend as the course of study, as there are multi-functional occurrences of being in touch with the best fashion icons and then subtly learning the art. Thus, get up and get admission to one of the prestigious fashion institutes in Canada.

●      Professional Courses

Professional courses of study are also on the top priority of all students, and therefore, in due respect, some of the best colleges are out there to help the students with all of their needs. The professional courses help students with all of their career needs and assist in the proper establishment of their careers.

Things To See In Canada

●      Niagara Falls

Everyone has heard of the mighty falls. A beauty to behold, the Niagara Falls are situated in Ontario in Canada. It is a must-visit if you are planning to visit Canada anytime soon. You can witness the kind falls or spend your time in MarineLand. It is a must summer holiday location.

●      Whistler

Whistler is a winter holiday location as it houses one of the biggest ski resorts in the whole of North America. A popular choice for tourists looking for some snow fun. Fun activities include Skiing, tobogganing, and snowshoeing. Do dine at Alta Bistro or 21 Steps while you’re there. It is situated in British Columbia in Canada.

●      St.John’s

An accessible location in Newfoundland and Labrador in Canada, St. John is famous for its crayon-coloured houses and its jelly beaned. Being an artists retreat it is famously known as mini San Francisco. It gives out a refreshed and pops feeling to its tourist and should not be missed. Do remember to visit Water Street while you are there.

●      Tofino

A water lovers paradise, Tofino is a beach situated on Vancouver Island. It is a perfect place just to let loose and relax to the fullest. The beach is a majestic and breathtaking beauty and a must-visit. You can indulge in Kayaking and camping on the beachside. Do try the fish tacos.

●      Churchill

Churchill is the Polar bear capital of the world and who doesn’t like polar bears. You can experience rare wildlife here that is an unmatched experience. Situated in Manitoba in Canada. Swim with Beluga Whales, explore the Fort Prince of Wales or take a tour of Tundra Buggy.

This is all we have to say the land known as the Mini-India but be sure to visit the same to explore and enjoy the country of amazement.