Christmas is an annual festival on the birth of Jesus Christ held on every 25th December as a cultural or religious event among the Christian community. The festive activities include many celebrations that they celebrate on this day. On the top, the decoration of Christmas tree and exchanging gifts, singing Christmas songs and arrange parties, it is a special time when all the friends and family members together and enjoys the happiness of life.

Christmas tree is a significant element of Christmas fiesta. After Thanksgiving, many people start to set their Christmas tree. The Christmas tree themes, handmade ornaments, and decoration will give plenty of ideas for your tree. The fresh tree will last for six weeks if you give the proper care. Otherwise, an artificial tree is also available in a variety.

Christmas Trees

In the 12th century, the story of the Christmas tree began, illustrate the eviction of Adam and Eve from paradise. Christians consider the Christmas tree as a tree of knowledge, knowledge of good as well as evil.

Christmas Trees

Christmas Trees

 Tree Of Hope

It is also considered the tree of wish and hope; it is also a reminder that the birth of Christ gives the hope to regain paradise. In the 19th century in Germany, this Christmas tree becomes popular so much. the Christmas tree originated from Alsace a region belongs to France. At an early age, the Christmas tree was hanging from the ceiling with a tip-down but now the trees were moved into the churches, homes and different institutions.

Real Meaning Of Christmas Trees

For thousands of years, Christians used to celebrate the winter carnival with the evergreen fir tree which is traditionally used in the festival. Thinking the arrival of spring pagan used branches to decorate their homes during the winter solstice, normally Christian used it as a mark of everlasting life with God.

Christmas Decoration

There are several Christmas tree decoration ideas are present. The most famous elements that go into decorating the Christmas tree are candles, light, garlands, ribbons, tinsel and many other ornaments. To give a truly new decorating creation to a Christmas tree tries diverse inspirational ideas as below.

  • Give the Christmas tree a contemporary update like sometimes allow the natural beauty of the tree to stand out, add wooden birds and balls or often paper garland that imitates the new shape.
  • Apply Christmas lights to accent a tree as lights enhance the beauty and give a dramatic effect. Lights also add the collection of colours and star looks to make it more charming and attractive.
  • Display handmade decoration on the Christmas tree including handmade bows, clay ornament, and ribbons add a great look and make it more beautiful.
  • Use fewer decorations for dramatic effects like fir with sparse branches and some artful decoration like white lights and silver garland or stars.
  • Give classic decoration an updated look, in classically inspired collection mostly old-style ornaments are used with some contemporary twists. Draped ribbons and metallic pinecones are best for this tree.
  • Create a vision in white means just the addition of two colours. The fascinating two-tone colour scheme with silver looks makes it superb. The flocked fir with silver baubles, white owls and other vintage ornaments give a cool theme.
  • Add unexpected accents to Christmas tree decorations, no doubt evergreens are standard décor but this time instead of the tree skirt, outside box for your Christmas tree base with pinecones and apples is simply great.
  • Add country charm to a Christmas tree offers an opportunity to give an unusual look in a new way. A galvanized metal tub as a tree stand with a moon treetop and a collection of mittens and dolls give an inspired decorating charm.
  • Try unusual colours in decoration like old fashioned paper chains in orange and turquoise, retro-inspired ornaments in black and white are superb.
  • Give a wintry theme for tree decoration, this gorgeous tree with snowflakes and icicles plays up the wintry scheme and blue colour reflect the weather outside.
  • Create a tabletop Christmas tree, simply three or more evergreen branches by any of florist foam and accent with mini ornaments and display in a room or anywhere in the house are merely awesome.

Christmas tree appears in the streets or stores in an earlier time but the tradition varies and the main purpose is to remember that it is a Christmas tree, and the most traditional is to décor tree on Christmas Eve.

Bible saying about Christmas tree

About 54 bible verses related to Christmas tree but the most popular verse about the Christmas tree is, here the word that the Lord speaks to you, O house of Israel.

Christmas tree symbolize

The Christmas tree symbolizes Christ, being triangular show the trinity and tree should be a symbol of Christ and new life. In winter what is evergreen as it marks undying life, and it reminds Christians the tree of life, the supreme gift of God to humanity.

Most Popular Christmas Trees

Usually, Americans purchase 20 million real Christmas trees for celebrating this tremendous event. The most famous Christmas trees are:

Fraser Fir

This is the most famous Christmas tree and hard enough to survive along the long distance. It grows about 5,000 feet and has excellent needle retention.

Douglas Fir

This is another famous tree and found commonly in central and northern U.S. it’s a unique fir and the cones of the doula’s fir hang downward and have a sweet scent when crushed.

Balsam Fir

It’s a beautiful pyramidal tree with long-lasting aromatic needles. Balsams fir prefers cool climates and native to northeastern, it has a dark green colour with a great fragrant.

Colorado Blue Spruce

It’s an ornamental landscape tree with dark green to powdery blue needles.

Scotch Pine

It is popular species and rarely sheds needle first used in reforestation efforts in the new world. Its aroma is long-lasting.

Eastern red cedar, white spruce, eastern white pine, Virginia pine are the other known famous Christmas trees.