The decade has started with some distressing turn of events, yes. But the human spirit is such that even in times of crisis, we find bright and hopeful things that shed happiness for us to hold on to. And let’s face it- there is nothing quite like your one-true-love with four paws and a goofy grin that brightens your darkest days! But wait- there is something that is even more cheerful than your canine friends. It is canine friends flaunting some latest fashion trends.

Like any senior citizen, dogs, too, can find sudden changes mildly confusing to downright distressing. Waking them up one fine day and arranging a tiara on their head or wriggling them into a two-piece will be stressful for them as they wouldn’t know what to expect! So here are a few dog clothes, clothing techniques, and ideas that will serve the purpose of keeping your senior dog comfortable while having him or her serve you look!

Clothing Ideas For Your Senior Dog

Top 7 Clothing Ideas For Your Senior Dog

1)  The Dapper Gentleman

Your in-house, four-legged Gentleman deserves to look and feel posh, don’t you think? And what better accessory to achieve that but a sharp, cute little bow-tie that works its charm instantaneously! The bow-tie is also great to gradually have your geriatric pet get used to. These accessories also come in many variants of colors, shapes, and sizes!

2)  A Touch Of Tiara

Tiaras look cute on little children, but they are a stylish statement on dogs- no matter their age! Get ready to leave people’s hearts melting with just one glance towards your pet in that cute, sparkly crown that’ll make them feel like the royalty that they are!

3)  Sweats For The Win!

Let’s get real- there is nothing more comfortable than an old pair of sweats to lounge in, especially when the weather outside starts to show signs of being chilly. Well, how about you get your canine best friend a matching set of sweats to yours and twin it out? Imagine early morning jogs, late evening coffee breaks, and hundreds of other such cute moments together with them! A comfortable and soft hoodie (options with detachable hoods available too) for your pet dog that will not restrict their movements at all and makes them look super adorable- this is especially good for the oldies who are super fussy about wearing leashes or any such paraphernalia.

Clothing Ideas For Your Senior Dog

Top 7 Clothing Ideas For Your Senior Dog

4)  Ready For The Rains

Colorful rain-coats that make your dog look like your miniature, furry twin, and give them ample mobility and also protect their soft and clean fur during rains are a win-win with pet owners now. Available in multiple designs and equipped with bright and cheerful patterns, this the perfect way to brighten up a rainy day for both yourself and your beloved pet! I mean, who wouldn’t like some un-supervised time to splash around in a rainy puddle, right?

5)  Plaid All The Way

He is in for the season, and dogs are lapping up the trend too! Plaid sweaters, tartan tops, and jackets are all the latest canine fashion in town. Available in a variety of color combinations, these cute vests for dogs have taken pet-parents by storm! Not to mention, the savvy looks being served to us by plaid-clad dogs is just immeasurably cute! Add a beret if your dog isn’t too fussy, and we have the 90s’ swagger mixed into the look too.

6)  Reflection Of Cuteness

Reflective surfaces have kicked up a storm in the fashion world for us humans, and now it has been carried forward to the pet word too. Reflector vests and jackets are the new in-thing, with neon colors and pops of brightness making every head turn to look admiringly at your fashionista doggo! These jackets are very bright, and it is advised to gradually accustom your dog to them as not all of them will react positively to such bright and flashy surfaces.

7)  Costumes For The Coolest

Are you dressing your dog up like a unicorn? Maybe a crocodile costume? How about a ballerina? The options are many. Can anyone imagine anything cuter than a happy doggo running around in one of these costumes? It will be enough to even make a grown man cry. And this too is another way to dress up your dog- but maybe not on an every-day basis!

With a little bit of creativity, nothing is impossible. Almost all of the trends adopted by humans can be mimicked on dogs too. However, the most important thing to note here is that they remain comfortable, their mobility isn’t affected, and they aren’t overwhelmed by the colors or patterns on them. After all, you- the parent- know your dog the best and will be able to figure out what works for him/her! You do speak a very private language with your pet that only the two of you can understand. Dog-clothes are just pieces of fabrics; it is the love put into dressing your dog that makes all the difference!