Wi-Fi has become an essential part of our life over time; we feel helpless without it. Sometimes, it becomes a necessity when you have to complete the work on time. Mostly we use the Wi-Fi devices to connect to our computer or mobile devices. What happens when you are doing something important, and there is no network on your phone.

Well, you can turn your Windows laptop or PC into a Wi-Fi hotspot any time you want. Today we are going to be looking at top free tools that can turn your Windows system into a Wi-Fi hotspot. So, if you are not on a Windows system, you don’t need to get dejected, Install Windows 10 and enjoy these tools.

Here Are The Top Free Tools For Turning Your Laptop Into A Wi-Fi Hotspot.

Connectify –

It is the most popular tool available online that can turn your Windows PC into a public Wi-Fi hotspot. The developer of the device offers a free version as well, which allows the user to share their network through Ethernet and WiFi only. There are other versions of Connectify which are paid and named as pro and Max. The paid version also has the feature to share the cellular data as well. You can monitor the real-time usage with this tool.

Mhotspot –

It is free software that can be used to create a WiFi network, and it does not come with any paid versions. This tool lets you share data from the Ethernet, cellular network, LAN and other WiFi connections. This is one of the best tools you’ll come across for this utility.

MaryFi –

MaryFi is a useful software to turn your PC into a virtual hotspot. Like mHotspot it also has all the features on its free version, and you can share your network across devices with this tool. You will be able to share all kinds of the network such as Ethernet, cellular, and WiFi.

Ostoto Hotspot –

Like the above two, this is also a completely free tool to create public hotspots for your use. You can connect to any number of the device with this tool; it only comes for the windows system. It also supports all the things that you would use to create a hotspot on your laptop.

My Public WiFi –

My Public WiFi also comes without any restrictions or limitations to turn your computer into a hotspot. It is straightforward to set up a WiFi network with this tool. You can also restrict websites using this tool’s built-in firewall to protect your network and system.

Virtual Router Plus –

It is one of the best free and open source project by a developer. The tool is written in C+and compatible on Windows 7 and 8, but some users have found it working on Windows 10 as well. It allows you to connect to any number of devices with its public network.

Except for Connectify, all the other tools are free to use for anyone. But these tools only work on the Windows platform, so installing Windows 10 would be an excellent idea for you. Windows 10 is the best OS offered by the Microsoft team; it can be used for other purposes as well.