Close to outrunning the usage of Marijuana, Cannabinoid’s (CBD) business is booming these days. If you are a person in CBD business, you are missing out on a huge sales opportunity. Reports suggest that the CBD market would hit around $22 Billion by the year 2022. What it brings to the table is massive in amount.

What is it that you can start with first that will boost your sales of CBD products? Packaging. The packaging is the key and deciding factor for your transactions. Professionally manufactured and designed custom CBD boxes will not only increase the aura of tactile appeal presented in the boxes, but they will also bring elegance to your product.

Being used for a plethora of medical purposes, CBD serves a sense of fulfilment among masses of consumers. It eases pains and above all, reduces anxiety among people. A few studies have suggested that CBD also helps insomniac people falling asleep. These are a few of the common reasons that CBD is in booming business these days.

Custom CBD Boxes

Custom CBD packaging has a point to prove here. Since we are already aware of the fact that CBD is insignificant usage nowadays, it pulls customers with a gravitational pull. Companies are bringing new products daily to help patients of anxiety, insomnia and those with chronic pains.

How Can You Transmute Your Business With Custom CBD Boxes?

Let’s agree on the fact that every brand these days wants to have a royal packaging that will put their product on top. The same is the case with CBD. The products themselves are expensive, which means they should be packaged royally as well. With many designing tactics and techniques available in the market, custom CBD boxes can give a hyper boost to your sales if they created correctly.

Enough talking now. What is it that you can do to increase the sales of your product within numbered days and bring tactile appeal to it? We walk you through a few of the most excellent techniques to be used, implemented, and adjusted in your CBD products. Fasten your seatbelts while we go through the points at a brisk pace. Let’s begin.

1 – Colors Matter A Lot More Than You Think But When And Why?

You may find it hard to believe, but colours are used in Chromotherapy. According to a few psychologists, colours have a massive effect on people possessed with brain disorders or those who are not stable emotionally. Red, turquoise, green, violet, white and a plethora of other colours are available to choose for. With each colour to its advantage.

Interesting? We know. Designing your custom CBD boxes has a lot of salient advantages attached to it. While we’re on the topic of discussing colours, it is essential to decide what colour palette feels right and adjusted to your packaging needs. There is a myriad of customisations to your box than you think, and it includes choosing a convincing colour palette. We will walk you through a few of the colours that can be used in your packaging with a ‘when’ and ‘why’ factor attached to it.

Custom CBD Boxes


As bold as it looks, the colour red makes your product stand out from others. While some people may tend to think that red is used for anger, it is vastly used to express energy, power, and passion as well. Using red colour in custom CBD boxes will let your product sit a little differently than others on the retail shelf.


One of the colours you can briefly use in these boxes is Turquois because it symbolises calmness.


This colour will automatically bring a whole new level of stability in your packaging, especially when you are using eco-friendly paper. Not only does it symbolise health and good luck, but it also lifts the branding of your company. Some therapists package their products in green because they think it soothes anxiety and mental problems.


Some of the psychologists have claimed that the colour Violet helps in relieving migraines or that feeling of sluggishness after eating. Since CBD products help a great deal in helping with migraines, the violet colour should be added to add a tactile appeal.


A symbol of peace that represents a minimal and simple look. It can be combined with dark and hue colours to show character and give a decent peek at the packaging.

When talking about colours, it is essential to note that while some colours may seem bright to some, it may trigger some as well. Many people across different countries have their meaning. So, to jot down it down, choose the colours based on your targeted audience. It will prove to be nothing but fruitful for your sales.

Custom CBD Boxes

2 – Improvising The Quality Of Custom CBD Boxes:

‘Quality over quantity’ is essential. Providing sustainability to your boxes is crucial while designing and choose the materials. There are a plethora of materials to choose from. Some of them include:

  • Cardstock Material.
  • Bux Board Material.
  • Eco-Friendly Kraft Paper.
  • Rigid Material.
  • Corrugated Material.

Each material has its strengths and weaknesses in its usage. One must be specific with what content to use while keeping the budget constraint in mind.

3 – Make Your Customers Feel Like They Are In Their Comfort Zone:

This is important. Designing techniques will help only if your customers feel like they are using products they are comfortable with. It promotes brand loyalty. Use printing techniques, straight edges (if you are using die-cut boxes), shimmering effects, and other designs to provide comfort to the customers. Not only will it attract them towards your company, but they will also spread the word in their community.

Custom CBD Boxes

Decent packaging never goes out of style. If you are currently contemplating between opting for the right idea, try contacting Dodo Packaging. Skilled in delivering beautiful packaging boxes at wholesale rates, they are equipped with a team of veterans and the latest machinery to help them with their tasks. They will not only provide help with your idea but also shape it into reality.