Mascaras are one of the most popular cosmetic products. Every year new and better mascaras are pitched to the customers. If you have a whole mascara range for different consumer segments, packaging these properly and interestingly would assist you with sales and customer loyalty. Mascaras are quite sensitive to extreme weather conditions, so you need to be cautious about the choice of printing material for your cosmetic packaging boxes.

There are different kinds of mascara brush and products, so the packaging should be detailed enough to facilitate the shoppers. If you have an online store, it is all the way more important to have informational packaging so that your customers don’t have to look out for answers on the website or elsewhere. Here are tips to promote your mascaras through cosmetic packaging!

Cosmetic Box

Cosmetic Box Packaging

Pictorial Cosmetic Box Packaging

Some makeup junkies love high definition mascaras. Others prefer the natural look. If you have a range of natural lash, long lash, dramatic lash, and other mascaras, add pictures to each of the packaging boxes. Pictorial details of what look your mascara create will make it easier for the customers to take their pick.

You can highlight the benefits of using various mascaras on a cosmetic box so a shopper can easily choose what she likes or wants. The more images you will add to your packaging, the simpler it gets for buyers to make a buying decision.

Hang Tab Custom Cosmetic Packaging Boxes For Mascaras

Having to hang tab cosmetic boxes for your mascara packaging will enable you to showcase your products effortlessly to the potential customers. These boxes are easy to handle for the shoppers as well; they can hang them anywhere near the dressing room. So this packaging style is ideal for organizing and sorting mascaras.

If you want to promote your mascara range in a business exhibition, these boxes will significantly help you with product promotion. Matte finishing for these boxes will add a distinctive appeal to them; you can have your logo and product’s name embossed to make these striking.

Useful Custom Cosmetic Box Packaging

You want customers to come back to shop more from you; build your credibility and trust as a dependable brand that takes care of its consumer needs. For instance, you can give inclusive details of a product like a list of ingredients that might not suit a customer. Adding value and information to your packaging will make buyers trust you.

Get custom cosmetic boxes for mascaras printed with essential details like manufacturing and best before dates, formulation, and precautions, if any. Put yourself in the customers’ shoes to understand their concerns and queries about a product; make sure you answer all of them on your packaging.

Mascaras That Are Convincing To Buy

Your packaging should have that swaying effect on the shoppers. It should compel them into knowing about your makeup item and get it. Use compelling images, quotes, and other techniques to make your packaging persuasive.

If you are getting cosmetic boxes wholesale printed for your mascara range, make sure to check the quality and features of the stock. Mascaras can quickly get runny or dried up due to harsh weather and moisture. Cardboard Boxes are the most suitable and durable material that should be used for Unusual materials

Unusual Materials To Perk Up Your Packaging

When it comes to custom beauty packaging, one can barely cease themselves from using unusual but tempting materials such as fancy ribbons, luxe papers, and more to create a unique customer experience. But one should keep it simple and avoid using expensive materials because it’s the creativity that is going to make them work for you.

So don’t get too excited when choosing unusual materials for your mascara packaging. Think beyond selling your product. Instead, look to create a memorable experience for your customers by turning your cosmetic packaging into an exquisite gift box. A box that boasts gold, myrrh, and frankincense will grasp your buyers’ attention, then a traditional beauty box. ,

Here are a few examples of unique packaging materials that one get without losing an arm and a leg:

  • Butcher paper
  • Aluminum foil
  • Wallpaper

Use Signature Color To Turn Heads Around

Use of signature color is perhaps one of the best and simplest tricks to promote your packaging and product. For instance, if your mascara brand has a signature color, you can skip the printed box altogether and get it tinted in your brand’s signature color. Mind you. The color should continue inside the packaging too.

This means your tissue wrap, ribbon, and insert card should all be dyed in the same color. The cohesion in color can work wonders for your business as it is sure to gain the attention of onlookers and passersby. Using your signature color in strategic spots is another smart way to lure customers.


Custom mascara packaging boxes are more than just a fulfillment function. It becomes an integral part of the customer experience. It triggers word of mouth and boosts brand loyalty. But while it’s potent, sufficient packaging shouldn’t have to be too expensive.