Everyone belongs to the packaging industry wants to know the answer to this question as Packaging is highly essential for the manufacturer of any product. Because when they launch any item in the market, the most critical thing in that launch is the packaging of that product.

Let me elaborate on the role of product packaging more precisely for your keen savvy. When you buy any cosmetic product from the market with alluring packaging, you will praise it or not? Absolutely! You will appreciate it as it has the quality to capture your attention. Contrary to that, if you get that specific product in sombre or unattractive packaging, yes, you will feel distasteful about it.

Custom Packaging

Hence, the new packaging is essential to give a boost to business. Now, what are the measures one can take to create an intriguingly impressive custom packaging for its customers? The answer to this question is quite simple, and its elucidation is being presented in the following text!

Create The Design Of Packaging Box According To The Product!

Is it possible to have an appropriate design of the custom package according to the packed product? Yes, it is! But how? It is simple, yet it requires in-depth research. Let me explain.

For instance, you have the business of cosmetic articles and looking for a box designed for lip balm. You can create the box according to lip balm by having the patterns and graphics which point to the structure, material, or even colors of lip balm. Moreover, you can print different notes on it like the benefits of lip balms, or the historical manufacturing process of it, etc.

Whether this technique will work for pizza boxes? Yes, it will! You again have to create the design of the box with something unique and novel related to the pizza. Eventually, it will generate interest in the package of the product, and the customer will automatically be attracted to it.

Use Unique And Out Of The Box- Box Styles For Custom Package

According to research conducted by the “International Institute of Packaging and Boxes,” it is finalized that the style of packaging box matters a lot in attracting or making the customer distasteful. Because many box styles open weirdly and with significant efforts. This thing creates anguish among customers.

Because when he or she is unboxing, they are in an incredibly joyous and intriguing mood. They abruptly want to know what is inside the box. So, at that time, if the box gives them to fatigue, their remarks about packaging would be drastic. Hence, the box style must be compatible and also unique to create an interest in the unboxing experience.

Moreover, to create an outlandish experience in your custom package, you can use unconventional and orthodox box styles with some modern and attractive alterations. Like, if you are packing a bar of soap in a simple tuck-end box, wrap it in little mailer box instead of the tuck-end box. This will give something novel to your custom packaging of soap. Furthermore, this mailer box can be double-wall or front tuck-end both. In short, by using this out of the box packaging style, you are creating interest to open the box immediately.

Curious To Know The Role Of “Thank You Notes”?

Many manufacturing companies use to leave. Thank you notes in their packaging boxes of any product. But they leave them. Those thank you notes have not any charm and glare. That is pathetic. Isn’t it?

Custom Packaging

Custom Packaging

It is entirely right that the customers have not much time to read all these kinds of stuff. Therefore, these thank you notes must be packed and written in some enamoring manner. But how can you do that?

It is not a hard nut to crack! You can write thank-you notes in the handwritten font on colorful papers or cards, and this will give them a look worth reading. In addition to that, you can put these thank you notes in your custom box packaging in the form of little letters packed in envelopes. Furthermore, you can also use them in the way of labels. Both styles are unique and marvelous.

Above all, the written matter of these notes should be forward-thinking instead of conventional style. It should force the customer to read it instead of making the customer feel that it is a useless piece of writing.

Is It Good To Use Brand-Carved Tissues Or Coupons?

Yes, it is a brilliant idea! Many companies use this tactic while packaging their products. Do you use it? If not, then you must use this add-on in your custom package because it leaves a good impression on customers.

The reason behind it is that the customer always wants something extra with his or her purchased items.  Therefore, these tissues and coupons or gift cards make them happy as they get something unique free of cost.

Moreover, you can print these tissues with the branding of your company name or moto. Furthermore, you can write a note on them or any quote related to your packed product. Or you can also print any comic character if the product is similar to children.

As far as the concern of coupons and gift cards, it is an excellent marketing technique and a remarkable way to make your custom package an interesting one. You can give limited discounts through these coupons to gain the attention of customers. The crux is that it is an excellent way to make your package interesting and intriguing among your customers.

Make Shipping Boxes More Enchanting With Various Alternate Add-Ons

You will surely agree with me that it is the most challenging task to make shipping custom boxes attractive and captivating. Am I right?

The reason why it is difficult to make the shipping box enthralling is the material of these boxes. Generally, corrugated is used to manufacture these shipping packages. This material is brown in its built-in color and has no attraction at all. Moreover, you cannot add glowing coatings or finishing on it as it has a dense and rigid surface.  Therefore, it is immensely hard to make it appealing.

But don’t worry, there are a lot of things which can bring allure to these boxes too. What are those things? Let’s have a look at them:

  • Customized Shipping Tape
  • Custom Mailer Boxes
  • Poly Mailers

Customized Shipping Tapes

The usage of tapes in packing a shipping box is mandatory. Usually, we use simple, transparent tape or yellow-colored tape. This gives an extremely shabby look to the packaging box.

Instead of that unattractive looking tape, you can use some customized tapes. For instance, you can use brand printed tapes for packing those boxes.  These printed tapes can have the logo of your company, or also they can have something written on them.

This will create uniqueness in your shipping boxes and make them customer friendly too.

Custom Mailer Boxes

The mailer box is the original box among the shipping packaging boxes. But to use just a single style or type of it is not fair. As it has varied kinds that you can use as your shipping boxes. Make them custom and create some attraction in your dull shipping package.

You can utilize a double-wall mailer box, double-wall front tuck-end mailer box, roll end tuck to mailer boxes, folding carton boxes, full overlap boxes, and telescope boxes. All these mailer box styles are compatible with shipping boxes. Eventually, they create your custom package enchanting and attractive.

Poly Mailers

In this modern age, the trend of poly mailers is also becoming massive. Because it costs less than shipping boxes. Moreover, it is easy to ship to customers. Above all. It gives an unconventional look to your shipping consignment. There are different types of poly mailers. You can use any of them according to your requirements.

Furthermore, to design these poly mailers is extremely simple. All the designing is done in the printing section even you can print the thank you note too.

Custom Packaging

Custom Packaging


The pith and marrow of the above discussion are that it is not difficult to create an exciting custom package for your customers. It just requires some tricks and tactics. Resultantly, you will get a marvelous and remarkable custom package that will intrigue your customers.