Ride-hailing is just about facilitating a smooth movement from point A to B without any hassle. This process has effectively been taken care of by the San Francisco based on-demand services company called Uber. Uber has become synonymous with multiple on-demand services, including transportation and food.

Ever since the number of providers for on-demand services increased, especially in transportation, the Expectations of the people have increased as well. It was no longer enough to transport a person between a source and a destination. This has also opened up a market for a lot of Uber clones that might provide the same service but with a difference.

A couple of years after Uber incepted, another similar service established in the United Kingdom. It was a lot like Uber but a lot different.  It was a professional chauffeur ride-hailing app that focuses on the luxury market. This luxury ride-hailing service was none other than Wheely.


Luxury Ride-Hailing

A Peek Into The UK Market

The ride-hailing market in the UK is expected to grow at a cumulative annual growth rate (CAGR) of 8.2%. This result in a market volume of US$3890 million by 2023.

The United Kingdom was always a tad bit different than the United States. They have always shown an affinity towards retaining the traditional elements that have stood as signatures of the land. They have ever taken pride in their hackneys or remises.

It was a challenge for Uber to enter such a market. However, Wheely, by retaining the essence of the United Kingdom emotions, has managed to enter into the market by offering luxury as its unique proposition. To create a luxury ride-hailing app, you can make use of a ready-made Uber clone app.


Develop Luxury Ride-Hailing App

What Made Wheely Special?

Wheely is a classic example of how a saturated market can still be broken when you attack a particular segment with utmost precision. However, to get this kind of success, there are a few attributes that need to be kept in mind. Let’s look at the aspects that contributed to the success of Wheely.

Appointment Of Professional Drivers

Being a luxury ride-hailing application, Wheely made it a point to recruit the most proficient drivers. The experience of the passenger starts right from the attire and the mannerisms of the driver. This meticulous process of appointment has immensely contributed to the creation of the brand and in Goodwill generation. This treatment also made customers feel royal and pampered.

The process of recruiting drivers for Wheely involves testing that driving skills, cleanliness, behavioural traits and event their psychological attributes. The process is so stringent that Wheely only hires 1 out of 100 drivers who participate in the driving test.

Advance Booking

One of the offshoots of a luxurious lifestyle is time management. Uses of Wheely may know their schedules way in advance. Quite similar to accommodation and air transport, Wheely offers a facility to book their cabs even months before the actual journey. On the same lines, there are also options to book cabs a day in advance.

Luxury is not about the experience that starts when the passengers board the cab. It is about a state of mind. The prices remain fixed, and the passengers do not have to worry about their pickup. The driver arrives on time, and the wait time is 20 minutes without an extra cost — areas where Wheely wins over Uber because Uber charges extra for late arrival of the customer.

Airport Pre Booking

It is quite a given that uses of luxury ride-hailing services will use air transport. Pick up at an airport is quite a standard feature, and even Uber offers the same. However, Wheely provides a meet and greet option which enables notifications for the drivers. The drivers are informed well in advance about the delays of flights. The application takes care to keep both the passenger and driver informed, so both of them can be in a state of peace.

On like Uber, where you will have to call the driver and find out their location, the driver of Wheely will hold a placard wearing your name at the airport. This is a small gesture, which goes a long way in making the customer feel special. Eliminates the need for the customer to go in search of the driver.

Email Confirmation

It might not, on the surface, seem like a luxury feature. However, with the collector of notifications from different applications,  it is quite possible that the announcement from Wheely can get lost. However, with the confirmation email, there is no chance for missing the statement. It is to be noted that the users of luxury services have a higher chance of checking their email than their notifications.


Wheely is a classic example of how an Uber-like app can be customised to give a luxurious experience while retaining the Core features. If you would like to create a clone of over, you can consider purchasing the Uber clone script from AppDupe.

Our team of expert developers will not only give you the most efficient code but will also go the distance to customise it according to your needs. This will help you create your ride-hailing app with the flavour that you want.

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