Gojek is an on-demand service app that offers a variety of services from within a single app. It generates an estimated revenue of $20 million every year. Here’s how to create a similar app in your region with an app like gojek.

Technology has been continuously innovating the way we communicate digitally. It was remodeled the purpose of a mobile phone from being a device that could only be used to call and text to the vast number of things that phones can do today. Along with high-speed wireless internet, smartphones have become even more capable of performing an infinite number of tasks.

Guide Developing an App like Gojek

As technology improved at a rapid pace, so did how services were provided. The advent of faster, more accessible communication meant that businesses could offer their services to customers more efficiently. Having to use a desktop computer to place orders soon took a huge turn when mobile applications began entering the market.

Mobile phone applications revolutionized the service industry. Be it retail, food, transport, logistics, and more, the way they catered to their customers wholly changed. Service apps granted customers with easy-to-use, quick, responsive features like never before. Now, it takes is a couple of swipes and taps on your portable devices to avail your preferred choice of service or product.


Businesses that don’t have an app to offer their services through are losing out on a lot of opportunities and revenue. Having an application makes managing orders and providing customer support a seamless process. However,  entrepreneurs have realized the potential of developing an application from having observed the enormous revenues that leading apps generate.

When it comes to developing a quintessential app that provides a plethora of services, Gojek has become a prime example. Its popularity and widespread usage are primarily owed to the features it offers. To develop an app with the best qualities, it helps to know what and how the Gojek app works.

Why Create An App Like Gojek?

Gojek is an on-demand service app that provides a plethora of features that meets several requirements of an average customer. The app offers a variety of services ranging from transport to logistics services. It has an estimated 25 million monthly users. The company is approximately valued at $11 billion as of March 2019. Being extensively used the app primarily in Indonesia and a few other countries in South-East Asia, it has inspired various entrepreneurs across the globe to venture into creating apps like Gojek.

Services You Can Offer Like Gojek

A significant part of Gojek that knows it as a leading on-demand service providing app is the number of services it offers in a single application. GoJek offers over 50 on-demand services, some of them are,


This service includes two-wheeler transport services for customers who want to reach their destinations quickly. Two-wheelers are famous for being able to get through traffic quickly.


Go-CAR is similar to the services that Uber and Lyft provide. It gives customers a variety of options when it comes to choosing a car and what time they need it.


Similar to the likes of UberEats and Zomato, Go-food is an aggregator of several restaurants that provides food delivery services.


This service provides customers with a quick, seamless way of making payments. It is a significant e-wallet service that simplifies making monetary transactions.


It offers courier services such as the delivery of documents and other such items from a sender to a receiver.


Through this service, customers can save themselves from traveling to stores and having to wait in long lines to buy groceries by using Go-mart. It delivers groceries to people’s doorsteps upon request.

How to excel like Gojek?

To develop a Gojek app, it is essential to research your target audience extensively. Identify problems commonly faced by an average citizen and work towards providing them with easy to access services. The ease of access includes being able to shop and travel at cost-effective prices.

Applications have to be user-friendly. The primary purpose of an app is to provide features that are easy to use without having to follow too many steps. Gojek integrates within itself certain essential elements that the current market requires. It is imperative to understand and imbibe the features that Gojek possesses to build a similar industry-standard application. The core features of every service that Gojek provides are

User Account –

Users, delivery agents, and drivers can access a personal account that contains various information such as credentials and saved payment details by logging in or signing up for an account.

Real-Time Tracking –

Users and drivers/delivery agents can view where each other are during an ongoing service request in real-time.

Push Notifications –

The user of the app stays informed along every step of the service with real-time updates. Push notifications are a central feature to create an app like Gojek.

Mode Of Payment –

It is crucial for apps today to provide multiple modes of payment. It gives the customer the freedom and convenience to choose his/her preferred choice of refund. MethodsModes of debt that should be offered includes cash, debit/credit cards, and mobile wallet payments.

Cost Estimation –

Apps like Gojek provide an estimation of the cost that the service will incur. This keeps the user informed of the amount to be paid before availing the service.

Developing an on-demand application with the features stated above drastically improves the prospects of a new app to fare well in today’s market. Entrepreneurs often think of building an app from scratch. Although it may have some benefits, it is an excruciatingly time and resource-consuming process.

Quick Way to Develop an App like Gojek

With high-quality scripts that are entirely customizable, you can personalize your Gojek clone app according to your preferences. Therefore adding unique features and design can go a long way in making your application stand out from its competition.