A liquor store can be quite lucrative if managed well and promoted properly. However, this business idea is not without its risks. Liquor stores have to abide by some strict regulations vis-a-vis the sale of their products to minors, similar to all other businesses selling age-restricted products.

If they accidentally sell an alcoholic product to an underage person, liquor stores can face severe legal and financial consequences, including lawsuits, settlements, fines, and license cancellations. This can cause a significant monetary loss for the business, as well as affecting its profitability and bottom-line. At its worst, such legal blowback may even cause the company to get shut down.

The Proliferation Of Fake ID Cards

One of the significant reasons why liquor stores face this problem today is that advances in technology have made it very easy for minors to acquire well-made fake IDs for no more than a few bucks. Moreover, these IDs are very well-designed and look quite authentic, despite being cheap. As a result, it is easy for teenagers to buy alcoholic products by offering such genuine-looking IDs to the clerk at the point-of-sale.

It can be quite tricky to manually differentiate between a fake ID card and a real one, particularly during busy hours when the staff members have to work quickly. Manual ID verification can also lead to long queues at the check-out counter, which might make the clerk feel pressured to work quicker. This too might lead to a lack of focus, which could result in disastrous consequences for the business if even a single minor manages to use a fake ID to purchase a bottle of alcohol.

Driver's License Scanner

Driver’s License Scanner

This is why liquor stores around the country are installing ID readers and driver’s license scanners at the point of sale. This eliminates the risk of human error, which could potentially cause the business to lose a lot of money in a lawsuit. Moreover, staff members can now focus on serving the customer without having to waste their time manually checking every ID and scrutinising each one for any signs of fabrication.

The Benefits Of Installing ID Readers

All businesses selling age-restricted products like alcohol and cannabis are now investing in driver’s license scanners. Nightclubs, marijuana dispensaries, and pubs are some such establishments. There is no reason for liquor stores not to follow their example and protect themselves against unnecessary setbacks.

Some Of The Major Advantages Of Installing An ID Reader At The POS Of Your Liquor Store Are:

  • Efficiency:

If you want the business to operate quickly and efficiently, then a driver’s license scanner is an excellent investment to make. This is because these scanners can judge the authenticity of an ID card and record all relevant information in a matter of seconds. This will prevent the formation of long queues at the POS and increase customer satisfaction as well.

  • Reputation:

Having a driver’s license scanner on your premises will also enhance the status of your store. Your customers can be secure in the knowledge that you are running a legal operation and abiding by the laws of the state. It will improve your reputation in the neighbourhood and build trust among the regular customers of your store.

  • Cost-Effectiveness:

Purchasing a driver’s license scanner is much more cost-effective than training a member of your staff to spot fake ID cards within seconds accurately. Moreover, ID readers are both cheap and durable, meaning that you will not need to spend resources on frequent repairs and replacements.

  • Records:

An ID scanner can also store all the information encrypted within the driver’s licenses and ID cards swiped through it. This means that you will have a flawless record of all customers, which can be used for defence in the event of a lawsuit. Moreover, you can also use the data gathered through the ID scanner to understand your customers better, improve your promotion strategy, and grow your business.

Final Thoughts

Installing an ID reader at the point-of-sale in your liquor store can significantly improve the reputation and efficiency of your business operations. Moreover, this device will help you avoid any legal troubles caused by the sale of alcoholic products to underage buyers.