The packaging is an essential factor in developing the image of the brand in the market among the customers. Cardboard and paperboard is the most used material for packing products in a trendy and stylish way. The E-commerce market is increasing and gaining popularity because of the customized boxes that given any shape, size, and designs that perfectly represent the brand.

The printing industry has revolutionized and made it possible for the companies to get any color, illustration, and imagery on the boxes with typography and laminations that enhances the appearance of the boxes. Paperboard is not only adaptable but sustainable and the cheapest material that gives premium quality.


With the availability of the latest and the most advanced resources, it has become easy for the people to start their business by using the talent and spare time they have. Custom packaging has made it easy for online brands to get noticed by the customers. Custom Boxes worked like magic for the companies and the customers to get a better understanding of each other, and it has also given rise to e-commerce.

E-commerce is a commercial transaction that is conducted electronically on the internet, and the brands that make sales or run business only through their web, and no outlet are known as an e-commerce platform. To put it most naturally, buying and selling of goods, products, and services over the internet.

Types Of E-Commerce

There are four significant types of e-commerce or the transactions that can be done in four ways;

1.      Business To Business (B2B)

These are two businesses that do business with each other, and the final customer is not involved.

2.      Business To Customer (B2C)

It is most common in e-commerce that ordinary people come in contact with. In this case, customers directly go through the website of the company and order a product.

3.      Customer To Customer (C2C)

Ever got a chance to sell your product to someone directly without the involvement of any other person or a company? Well, it is C2C e-commerce where two individuals directly sell or buy products.

4.      Customer To Business (C2B)

As the name depicts here, consumers provide their products or services to businesses. For example, an IT freelancer or a developer who sells his software to a company.

Dealing in e-commerce is a bit tricky because you are not seeing or receiving the product and transacting the money. There are higher chances of getting tricked or ditched by the dealer you are making your purchase from.

If you are looking forward to getting your custom packaging online, here are a few tips that can save you from trouble while purchasing an e-commerce platform.

  1. Use Familiar Websites


The most important tip of all times is to use websites that have a reputation, and you have heard it from family and friends. Always start from a trusted site as on the internet, one place leads you to another. Do not get tricked because these websites always guide you to less popular websites.

  1. Use A Separate Email Address For Shopping


Online shopping is not possible without handing over your email address to the site. It is advisable to create or keep one separate email address that you use just for the very purpose. Saves you from problems like if ever the site gets hacked or compromised in any way, none of your essential personal information is at risk. It also protects your email from getting spammed with promotional emails.

  1. Avoid Public Terminals


Never make a mistake of using your information for making an online purchase from a public booth. There are chances that the system is tapped or anyone sitting or watching gets plenty of time to see the confidential information. If you are not left with the options other than using a public booth, then the most you can do is to shop from the sites that already have your information, and you do not have to take out your card.

  1. Do Not Over-Share


There is no online shopping e-tailer who will need your social security number or date of birth for the business. Be aware of the necessary information before making an e-commerce purchase. Providing such information can lead to stealing your identity, and it is not imperative that the big sites can never breach.

  1. Check The Seller


Those were the technical tips that are most important for any e-commerce business. Now come to the real talk. Before making any purchase, it is essential to check the reputation of a company you are buying your products from as non-delivery or sending the fake items is the most common cybercrimes. Check that the phone numbers are working and always try to talk to the dealer on the call to make sure they exist. An invitation does not give proof, but it is better to go as deep as you can for your surety.

  1. Complain Loud & Proud


It is your right to get mad for getting the wrong or low-quality product because you have not paid for it but a way better and high-quality product. Complain to the seller; ask for what you deserve or ask for the money if you are not satisfied enough. You can always report to the cybercrime, Federal Trade Commission, or even FBI for such a fraud. If nothing works or you cannot go that far, at least leave your review or complaint so that it can save others from getting scammed.

  1. Go Mobile


There is no need to be afraid of using your mobile device for making a purchase online. Because there are now apps directly provided by the retailers. It is more secure to go for the sites that offer their apps to buy products. They are convenient than any other thing in the world. You have to log in, scroll from the shop, choose the product, and make a purchase directly without being directed to any other additional website.

It is better to be a little safe than sorry. Always make sure of the things that bother you the most as the instincts never lie. There are a lot of custom packaging USA companies that provide secure and easy ways to get your boxes.