While every website starts with a domain and web hosting, the destiny of each site differs. Some sites fade away after some time while others enjoy great success. Digital marketing exercises play an essential role in enhancing the appeal of any website. One of the latest digital marketing strategies is video marketing that has already been enjoying high popularity, Video marketing is one of the widely popular methods of digital marketing services for increasing engagement, acquiring a competitive edge and enhancing the overall user experience. However, to gain the maximum RoI of your video marketing exercises, you would require a strategic approach. In this blog, we will talk about different types of videos and some great editing tools to offer a professional touch to your videos.

Different Types Of Videos Marketing Strategies

Videos Marketing Strategies can be categorised into different types, and if you are thinking of using Video as one of your marketing strategies, then it would be highly recommendable to understand the purpose of your video and find the right channel to upload and share the video.

  • If you want to make people aware of how to use your products or customer service, then it would be best to use Explainer Videos.
  • You are a living entity that wants to tap the popularity of influential industry figures ethically. Then you can use interview videos with industry experts as your guests.
  • If you have the interest to convert your business as a strong brand, then review videos are the ideal option for you. For a professional review video, you need to search for brand ambassadors with excellent presentation skills. They would be more effective in creating an engaging and informative review presentation of your products in a convincing manner.
  • If you want to establish your industry authority, then using live video can be an excellent option for you. Make sure that you should directly communicate with your audiences and resolve their relevant vital issues or concerns using engaging and informative presentation. Quality matters the most and also keep the display engaging by adding some humour or entertaining (related) content. Don’t forget to ask for the comments on multiple answers and even encourage people to leave comments by asking them to share their expertise with the help of personal examples.

Mics For Impressive Voice Marketing Strategies

Not everyone has got the authoritative voice, and many times your natural voice doesn’t seem to be doing justice with the crispy and impressive content of your video. However, various high-quality mics can lend the required weight to your voice and help you sound professional and authoritative. Here are a few best mics in the market today:

  • Blue Snowball t
  • AKG C214
  • Audio-Technica AT2035
  • Rode NT-USB.
  • Samson Go Mic

Background Music To Set The Right Ambiance For Your Videos

The background can do real wonders in creating the right ambience for your video content and also helps in maintaining the flow by preventing the blank pauses in the middle of the material. If you are using an animated or illustrated video content, then you can use the background music without going through the hassles of creating a scripted video. Here are a few places that offer excellent background music for your ides:

  • Last.Fm
  • Free Play Music
  • Brainy Betty
  • TemplatesWise
  • Audiojungle

Animated Videos

If you don’t have excellent presentations skills and your budget does not allow you to hire a brand ambassador for your video then you can opt for the animated videos that are comparatively cheaper and keep the audience engaged throughout the presentation. Here are some personal animation tools that you can use:

  • Video
  • Muvizu
  • Adobe After Effects

Editing Your Videos

You need to edit your videos To offer a thoroughly professional touch to your ideas. While editing is a skill that you will learn by time,  a few editing tools can make your tasks much more comfortable. Here are a few popular options:

iMovie’s (Apple)

If you have some experience in creating digital videos but still don’t count yourself as an expert, then iMovie from Apple is a great editing tool for you. Not only is it free (for Apple devices) but also allows you to edit your videos using uncomplicated and straightforward steps. With its help, you can cut the clips, add music and sound effects and even use some advanced options like correcting the colour and applying filters.

Adobe Premiere Pro

However, if you are good at creating videos and want to give a thoroughly professional look to your videos. Then you can use Adobe Premiere Pro to create high-quality video content with excellent professional editing. Its advanced options include a customizable interface and highly advanced editing powers. In fact, due to its professional nature, many god modelling and movie videos use Adobe premiere pro for editing purpose.


While Video marketing is gaining wide popularity across the globe, you need to be highly creative and ensure to produce a high-quality video to keep your audiences engaged. In this blog, we have talked about various types of videos and offered the tools to professionally tackle different aspects of a video like a piece of background music, animation, editing etc.

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