When you want to be in front of the world, you need a strong back! Of course, this means lots of effort and hours of workout! After all, a good, healthy physique and strong muscles define your fine athletic body. But do you know if your training and exercises aren’t targeted the right way, your weeks of dedication and hours of workout can go in vain? And especially when we talk about growing the largest muscles in your body – the backside, it requires proper dedication and a planned exercise routine to make it appear fab and solid. So, here comes the list of the best back exercises that will indeed work on a positive note and grant you a physique worth drooling.


  • Deadlift – One of the most crucial and promising compound exercises, the deadlift has the power to strengthen your back muscles and even that of hips and hamstrings. You exert lots of stress on your back through heavy loads and ultimately gain maximum muscle power due to this back exercise.


  • Pull-ups – Probably, one of the most underrated exercises is the pull-up. Do you know pulling your body up creates instability in your body which ultimately increases its stability? So, imagine the more muscular back and firm strength you will have due to this exercise.


  • Bent over row – Now, let’s talk about one of the best back exercises. It is an exercise that requires you to balance weights like dumbbell, kettlebell, row or string. But, as you exert pressure on your body to bent over and balance the weight plus your body on the stomach, this increases your stability, balancing power and even the back muscles strength.


  • Inverted Row — The inverted row is a bodyweight exercise that builds back, arm, and grip strength the same way as the pull-up does. On the other hand, the inverted row is often easier to do because you are not rowing your entire body weight. Beginners can use this manoeuvre to improve their back strength and body control.


  • Seated Cable Row –In this exercise, you pull a specific attachment toward your chest in this rowing variation. The position of your grip has a significant impact on how your muscles are redirected during back exercises. In this variation, your arm path stays higher than in the seated row focusing on lats, aligning the rowing motion with the rear delts and upper back (traps, rhomboids, and teres major). So, you can imagine the stress you exert in your upper side of the body that ultimately benefits the back muscles tremendously.


With these back exercises, you will build the largest muscles of your body. But, in case you want to try some more back exercises, then try the Landmine Row, the Towel Chin-up, the Lat Pulldown and Cable Row Pullover. A regular schedule of these workouts, a healthy diet and your set goals will get the magic done, and you will have the muscles that speak for themselves!