Great things often start small. Take, for instance, fantasy cricket, which had an unassuming start in 2001 and went on to be a rage in later years. The original format involving picking up a virtual team with a fixed budget was introduced in India by a sports channel with an expectation of engaging around 7,000 people, including cricket commentators and celebs. To their delight, the response was overwhelming with over 30,000 users onboard on the very day the game was floated, and the numbers are touching 750,000 in the next three months. Though the channel no longer operates the game, its impact is seemingly lingering on and on.

Eighteen years down the line, fantasy cricket has come of age. The format remains more or less the same but the scope has broadened, and numbers have skyrocketed. The game has made its presence felt pan-India, presently engaging over 20 million users across all age groups, ethnicities, genders, occupations and educational backgrounds. The number of fantasy cricket websites is also on the up with 60 of them operational on the last count. However, the real surge has been in the previous two years that saw a 10-fold increase in users and 2-fold rise in websites. Unsurprisingly, the fantasy cricket industry is raking in 2 billion dollars annually.

What Is Fantasy Cricket?

The stats indicate that many people are playing fantasy cricket, but plenty is yet to get onboard. For those uninitiated, it is imperative to know what the game is all about. Therefore Fantasy cricket is a way to play cricket online by interfacing with a fantasy cricket website. Here, your role is restricted to that of a selector, just choosing 11 players from the two teams playing in a particular contest. Ideally, select a combination of at least four batsmen, four bowlers, a wicketkeeper and an all-rounder from both sides before the real match gets underway.  Designate your best players from the selected lot as captain and vice-captain.

The on-field performance of the selected players will fetch you points, making it essential to be good with your selections. If your captain and vice-captain perform as per expectations, you end up earning twice and 1.5 times the points than other team members give you. If you gross the highest number of points at the end of the match, big cash rewards are coming your way. However, any other sport, fantasy cricket has rules that you need to adhere to at all times. Here, the number of credits to create a winning combination with is limited and so are the substitutions. Additionally, you are required to choose the maximum of 7 members from one team.

Fantasy Cricket League

Before you start playing fantasy cricket, it is essential for you to understand the game. You need to understand the system of points so that you can prepare your gaming strategies accordingly. Knowing the point system is one of the most important things that you should do to get better in a Fantasy Cricket league.

Here the quick guide that will help you to know everything about the point system of fantasy cricket. Each type of game has its points and here is the brief of everything: –

Batting Points

For T20

  • One run gives you 1 point
  • For every 25 terms, a bonus of 10 points
  • Runs scored – Balls faced
  • 3 points for every six
  • 2 points for every four
  • -10 points if the batsman gets out on a duck


  • One run gives you 1 point
  • (Runs scored X 1.33) – Balls faced by the batsman
  • 4 points for every six
  • Points for every four and negative aspects for getting out on a duck are same as T20

For Test

  • 5 points for every six
  • -20 points if the batsman gets out on a duck
  • Point for every run, points for fours and bonus points for every 25 runs are the same as T20

Bowling Points

For T20

  • Maiden over – 15 points
  • (Balls bowled X 2) – Runs Given
  • 1 point for every dot ball
  • 25 points for every wicket


  • Maiden over – 10 points
  • Balls bowled – Runs Given
  • The scoring pattern for dot balls and wickets is the same as T20

For Test

  • Maiden over – 2 points
  • 1 point for an over
  • (Balls Bowled X 0.25) – Runs Given
  • Scores for the wickets are same as T20 and ODI

Other Points

            For T20

  • 3 or more wickets- 25 points
  • 5 or more wickets- 50 points
  • 7 or more wickets- 100 points
  • 15 points for every catch
  • 10 points for stumping or run out


  • Same as T20

For Test

  • 3 or more wickets- 25 points
  • 5 or more wickets- 50 points
  • 7 or more wickets- 90 points
  • 10 or more wickets- 150 points
  • 12 or more wickets- 200 points
  • 15 or more wickets- 300 points
  • 10 points for every catch
  • 10 points for stumping or run out

Bonus points

These points are awarded in the same manner across all forms of cricket while playing fantasy games. They are: –

  • Man, of the match award- 25 points
  • The points of the captain of your fantasy team are multiplied by 2
  • The aspects of the vice-captain of your fantasy team are multiplied by 1.5

<h4>Other Team Points</h4>

T20 ODI Test
Caught & Bowled 14 16 12
Catch 4 4 4
Runout (Catcher & Thrower) 6 (2 & 4) 6 (2 & 4) 6 (2 & 4)
For being a part of starting XI 2 2 2
Dismissal on duck -2 -3 -4
Every 6 1 1 1
Five wickets 8 4 4
Century 8 4 4
Four wickets 4 2 2
Boundary 0.5 0.5 0.5
Half century 4 2 2
Maiden over 4 2