Whatever you do in life it’s ultimately for the quest of happiness. Happiness is about gifting someone something that makes the person happy.


Considering that this year you thought to choose gerbera daisy flowers as a gift. This is because every single hue of gerberas again explicitly elaborates happiness. The herb flower from South Africa renowned for being the famed fifth flower in the entire world brings ultimate euphoria to anyone’s life. Thus today our focus is to talk about some of the eye-catching gerbera bouquets.

Blissful Pink –

Pink is an epitome of femininity, and it reflects a loving and caring personality of any woman. So on this mother’s day, you thought of getting a bouquet consisting of pink colored gerberas. She will just become speechless the day she will receive the gift. But it’s not the flower that completes the gift. Therefore a tin of rasgullas also adds equal significance to the present as well.

Vibrant Red And Orange –

The choice of colors depends on the individual. Many say yes to dull colors while there are categories that easily fall for the vibrant colors. So it goes the same with your cousin sister as she loves any bright color. So you picked a bouquet of orange and red gerberas to fulfill her color wish. This is stunning bouquet with verdant green leaves added with the creamy colored flowers. And the arrangement is made very cautiously in a handpicked basket.

Inspiring Love –

As a best friend, you always inspire her to do things which she likes to do. You always encourage her to see life from a positive angle. Therefore as an inspiration to life, you thought to gift your friend a bouquet consisting of red gerberas and yellow carnations designed in a basket tied with a red ribbon Both of these flowers ultimately tells your friend to be happy in life and do things that make her happy from inside. Thus your friend will love to relive her life freshly just like these vibrant colors.

Impeccable Tranquillity –

A peaceful life is the last thing that all desires to have. There the feeling of peace from colors as well. So does your mother she has a strong liking for colors like light pink and white. She loves the combination of these two colors very much. Therefore on this Mother’s day, you thought of getting a flower bouquet consisting of white gerberas, pink lilies. But the beauty of the bouquet somewhat doubles up with the presence of luxurious red roses and green fillers. However, the gift seems a complete package with the addition of the rasgulla tin and dry fruit basket.

Splendid Pink –

Your niece has grown up a bit last time when you saw her she was fifteen, and this year she will be going to college. So you thought to get a sorted gift for the little princess. And you picked a bouquet of beguiling gerberas in shades of pink with small white fillers. But somewhere the smell bouquet looks stunning with the verdant foliage in the form of full designer leaves added to decorate the basket. You stay relaxed because your niece will compliment at the same time will embrace the gift with care.

Gerberas With Lilies –

Many times you have asked your colleague about his favorite flower. And he repeatedly said gerbera. Soon his anniversary, you planned to send him and his wife a bouquet consisting of white daisies, yellow carnation, and red roses. It looks pretty with a bottle of green leaves.

Perfect Pink –

Love is blissful no matter what kind of love it is. Whether it’s with your parents or your friendly uncle who is the most likable friend of your friends as well. You including your friends like his jovial attitude and the way he cuts jokes. He is so lively and radiant. Therefore for your caring and fun loving uncle, you planned a charming bouquet of pink roses. Your uncle is fond of light pink color, so the color goes well with his personality as well. At the same time, the bouquet has perfect small white flowers with green fillers which undoubtedly add extra appeal to the bouquet.

White Bliss –

You always praise your uncle for his calm attitude and serene mental set up. His way of analyzing things is different from others. Most importantly, he manages things very cool-headedly, and that attracts you majorly. Therefore this time on your uncle’s birthday you thought to gift him something that should be cool and serene like him. So you selected a bouquet of white roses.

The color white is so tranquil just like your uncle. But the most exciting part of the gift is the wrapping as the flowers are tied with a white tissue paper with a white satin ribbon. And the best part is the addition of two dairy milk silk chocolate. Surely your uncle is going to fall for the chocolate.

Thus these are few creative bouquets that you can choose for your uncle. But be sure that you pick the fresh flowers from the best and authentic florist in India.