A kitchen remodelling project, without doubt, is a daunting task. However, choosing a basic design layout and planning your kitchen design along the same lines can, to an extent, help you get the kitchen design ideas of your dreams.

Are you planning a kitchen remodelling project? Then you will need to ensure your kitchen design is a wise investment that brings back the best returns. One of the main factors to consider when choosing a particular model for the kitchen is trying to zero in on a trend that is everlasting and does not make your kitchen look outdated in a few years. With that in mind, here, some kitchen design ideas that will not go out of trend anytime shortly.

Bring In The Old World Charm

Kitchen Design

Kitchen Design

The old-world charm never tends to go out of style. And you can utilise this to your benefit by designing your kitchen the same way. Choose white-coloured backsplashes and quartz worktops and bring in a dash of colour with accessories. Colourful pots of seasonal plants, coloured utensils and bold-coloured cabinetry can add the much-needed vibrancy to the white background.

Make It White And Extremely Bright

White is the colour of the day when it comes to designing a kitchen, which does not get much natural light and needs to rely on lighting fixtures for brightness. White brings about a certain sense of style and sleekness to a kitchen space that is hard to ignore. Complement it with inbuilt appliances to create a bright and spacious workspace.

Hold On To Your Traditional Roots

While most homeowners tend to drift towards modern and sophisticated kitchen spaces. There are a few who remain dedicated to their idea of maintaining a simple, clean and traditional kitchen space. Traditional kitchen spaces usually sport light colours with little or no contrast. So consider using a single shade for the entire kitchen, including the cabinets and leaving a unique centrepiece like a coloured Quartz worktop London to create a visual contrast that is pleasing to the eye.

Soak In The Minimalist Charm

For those who prefer to keep the kitchen a place to cook simple meals and have food in, a minimalistic approach to the kitchen workspace design would be the way to go. The minimalist look uses a maximum of two colours to blend in the kitchen décor with the rest of the home, with open storage cabinets and quartz surfaces for worktops rounding off the look.

Blend In With A Monochromatic Look

Many homes have started introducing colours like black, white and grey in their kitchens. These colours work great for monochromatic designs and can be used in varying shades to highlight appliances, cabinets, quartz kitchen worktops and other accent pieces in the kitchen without necessarily having to differentiate them with different colours.

Go Old School With The Vintage Look

Why not ditch anything and everything that is even so remotely modern and move back to a vintage look that is sure to raise eyebrows the moment someone walks into your kitchen. Opt for a shaker kitchen that allows you to work either with country style utensils and accessories or team them up discreetly with some hi-tech gadgets to help you out. Choose simple shelves and open storage cabinetry to display your kitchenware, vintage quartz worktops London and wooden flooring for a truly vintage look that would turn heads for sure.

Be More Dramatic With A Little Bit Of Darkness And Edginess

Kitchen Design

Kitchen Design

Tired of the bored, minimalistic look? Want to go for something more daring? Try to add more drama to the kitchen with the help of darker shades and pops of colours at regular intervals. Opt for built-in appliances and countertops made of quartz for a sleek, modern look that will ooze both form and function.

Create A More Distinct Style With The Industrial Design

The industrial style kitchen is one that seamlessly blends practicality, humility and affordability in one space. This distinct style is known for its “no-nonsense,” factory style look and comes complete with concrete floors, stainless steel worktops and cabinets, freestanding units, exposed pipes and liberal use of black colour as highlights.

Be Smart And Intuitive

In the age of contemporary homes. It doesn’t come as a surprise to see homeowners opting for smart faucets, lights, sensors, appliances and other gadgetry around the kitchen. Stylish kitchens are all the rage these days and come with a plethora of features that make your time in the space hassle-free and well managed. You may be daunted by the sheer number of technological marvels you can add to the kitchen. However, choose the ones that are best suited for your requirements while keeping aside some money for other design elements like quartz worktops in London.

Integrate An Island Kitchen

Of course, most of us would love to have an island kitchen. However, this addition to the kitchen warrants extra space and, definitely, additional finances. Then again, it does become a necessary addition if you have the space for it and have worked out the funds after considering the quartz worktop prices. As well as expenses for the other elements in the kitchen.