Landing your first functional job after studies or making a significant career change is stressful enough, then there comes the dressing part to add to your already existing stress. Building a formal wardrobe may seem like wrath of titans, but it is certainly not. You may have watched ‘Devil Wears Prada’ where Andrea struggles to get to the level of style and chicness of the women working for ‘Runway Fashion Magazine’.

However, in practical life, you don’t necessarily have to follow precisely what top-notch fashion magazines have to say. All you need is to stay in your budget, especially if it’s your first job. Don’t worry. We have gathered some budget-friendly tips to collect your new attire for work.

1. Trade Or Borrow Clothes

Before you decide to buy anything new, see if this step can be tackled with borrowing. Not just is this free of cost. It will give you time to see and feel things you like and things that suit you well as well as enough time to get your salary so you can invest in new clothes.

Speak with your friends, family members, and loved ones who are somewhere near to your size to borrow a blazer or a pair of pants for a few weeks. Make sure you keep track of things you hire and to whom they belong. When you give them back, clean it.

Another good tip is to swap clothes with your friends. In the mid-2000s, clothing swaps were in, so, you can consider continuing the tradition. Set up a clothing swap gathering, where everyone brings a few pieces they want to rid or aren’t wearing anymore and trade them with a few of your pieces of clothing. This process can bring a new charm to your wardrobe.

2. Take Your Time

A common mistake people make is that they quickly assume they need to make a whole new wardrobe transition from student life to adult professional life. They not just waste a lot of money on this journey but also get stuff they don’t need and end up creating a massive clutter.

People often believe that they need to build a considerable business wardrobe by buying everything all at once. But when you are on a budget, you have to stay on your budget. Create a list of workwear essentials and prioritise them according to the daily functions of your job. For instance, if you need to walk most of the time at work, invest in a pair of comfy and sturdy shoes. If you have to attend a lot of meetings with clients off-site, a nice suit and a structured bag would be perfect. Focus on building a wardrobe slowly and gradually.

3. Create A Capsule Wardrobe

A capsule wardrobe means a collection of timeless, essential pieces. It is not just useful for downsizing, but also a great approach to get a closet makeover. Professional capsule wardrobe typically includes;

  • Cream or white colour blouse
  • Black suit
  • Big structured handbag
  • Black pumps

The idea is to have things that can be mixed and matched with already existing clothes to create different looks. Therefore, opt for neutral shades like taupe, beige, or black.

4. Cut Full-Priced Department Stores From The List

When living on a budget, you don’t necessarily have to walk into J. C. Penney and hunt full-priced items. Fortunately, this is not the only platform to buy great pieces.

If you want to hit a departmental store, make sure you know your brands and what you need (not what you want). You can also benefit from coupons or free promo codes to get a discount on your favourite items.

Another better option is to check out consignment shops and thrift stores where you can get the same item at a notably lower rate so that you can stay in your budget.

5. Shop Online

Even in the time of technology, some people hesitate to shop online as they like to try on the clothes they intend to buy. However, online flash sales offer some pretty good stuff at amazingly low rates. So make a quick internet search to find what you need. If you have issues with trusting any online store, ask for recommendations.

Not only flash sales and annual sales, but you can also find great deals using online promo codes on formal clothing. You can get 10% to 80% discount on things you need, keep the hunt on. Collect as much promo codes as you need to build a good work wardrobe.

These simple yet practical tips can help you create a formal wardrobe within no time. Even when shopping on discounts, ensure you still don’t overspend and end up buying unnecessary things just because they were half the price.