WIth a significant part of society inclining towards spiritual enlightenment, tarot card reading has reinvented itself as an act of spiritual healing. The excitement of reading tarot cards for themselves has led many people to begin tarot card reading on their own. Are you interested in learning tarot card reading?

Get your hands on these powerful ways to understand your tarot cards and unlock the guide to transform your life with a tarot reading. The art of tarot card reading lays in the ability of the reader to focus their intentions on the images and symbols on the card and alter them into action. In the world of tarot card reading your determination is the main essence.

As many would think of it, tarot card reading is not an act of future prediction. Instead, it is a medium that guides us on the right path by bringing to light, the effect of our past actions on our present and analysing our present situations to guide us into a better future.

Tarot Life is a tarot reading app which can also be used by the beginners to learn about the art of tarot card reading and understand the meanings of different cards and their impact on reading.

They are fascinated by how tarot cards can transform lives?

Read Our 10-Step Guide On How To Read Tarot Cards For Tarot Beginners-

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10-Step Tarot Reading Guide

1.   Choose The Right Deck For Yourself

In the beginning, it seems natural to watch never-ending videos on tarot card reading, where every video uses a different deck of cards. Just like the playing cards, there are multiple varieties of tarot card decks. Some very simple and some very complicated. A more complicated deck of cards might sound unusual, and it advised that you use a simple layer of cards at the beginning.

2.   Understand The Difference In Major Arcana Cards And Minor Arcana Cards

If you are beginning to learn tarot card reading, it is essential to learn that there are total 78 unique cards in the tarot deck which divided into 22 Major Arcana Cards and 56 Minor Arcana Cards. The Minor Arcana cards divided into the Suits of Wands, Swords, Pentacles and Cups with 14 cards in each suit, numbered from Ace to Ten, followed by four court cards namely The Pages, The Knights, The King and The Queen.

The Major Arcana cards, also called the trump cards, are numbered from 0-21 with each card having a unique name. The Minor Arcana cards reveal about the events, problems and opportunities while the Major Arcana cards point towards an enormous scope in life and always affect the reading more as compared to the Minor Arcana cards.

3.   Make A Personal Connection With The Cards

Tarot card reading is an art of connecting with your inner guide and figuring out what the cards mean for yourself. Just like we allocate a special fixed place in our living space for worshipping or meditation to connect with the Almighty. The best way to create a personal connection with the cards is to set up a particularly unique place for a tarot card reading. It can be any well-lit corner of your house decorated beautifully as per your choice. This will allow all your innate powers to connect with your intuition, and this will help you in building an intimate connection with the cards.

4.   Start Reading Using 1-3 Card Spread And Leave The Celtic Cross For Later

Many tarot card reading experts use the Celtic Cross, a classic 10-card tarot spread for their readings. And although it gives better outcomes, it is advisable to stick to 1-3 card spreads, to begin with. So, rather than getting entangled in decrypting the complicated Celtic cross spreads, it is preferable to learn what a single card reading can teach you in the beginning.

5.   Draw A Card Every day And Analyse It At The Day End

As already mentioned above, it is essential to form a personal connection with the tarot cards to be able to understand their real meanings and connect them to your life. The best way to do this is to read a card every day for yourself.

At the beginning of every day, ask tarot, what you need to focus on today or what you will experience today and draw a card for yourself. By the end of the day, match your interpretation with your daily life experiences. You will be amused by how much you can learn from your personal experiences.

6.   Analyse The Picture In The Card

Every card in the tarot deck has different pictures and symbols inscribed on them. Various images and articles symbolise different things and meanings in your life. Try to pick a card daily and analyse the symbolic meaning of that card and try to link them to your life.

Unlike what you think, tarot is an art of introspection and needs deep thoughts and intuition to be able to link them with your life. So go Exploring!

7.   Tune Into Your Intuition

The market is flooded with books and magazines that explain different meanings and interpretation of the cards. As a beginner, it is the best way to keep those books aside and explore each card yourself. The results are much more meaningful when you combine your inner intuition with the cards.

Your interpretation of different maps can be completely different from the books, but what matters most is that you connect with the tags on your level using your innate knowledge and sixth sense. Time to turn on your ESP!!

8.   Read For Yourself

The best way of learning tarot card reading for beginners is to start by reading for yourself. How does this help?

The same way as every teacher is different because of the way they connect with their students. Every tarot card reader is different because of their ability to connect the cards with their second sight. So begin your journey of self-discovery by reading for yourself and once you reach the best level of satisfaction for self-reading, only then venture into the world of tarot reading for others.

9.   Learn A Few Keywords For Each Tarot Card

Every card represents certain feelings and expressions which differ with the different styles of different tarot readers. So, start by learning 3-4 keywords for every tarot card in both upright and reversed positions. The best way for tarot beginners for understanding how to read tarot cards is to connect with their symbolism.

10. Be Mindful

The right way to know how to read tarot cards for tarot beginners is to understand that tarot reading is an art that helps people in gaining clear insights and better perceptions in life. It is necessary to learn a mindful way of tarot reading and commit to reading respectfully.

Do not draw multiple cards for a single question to get the answers that you desire. Do not bring various clarifiers in case a particular reading is inconclusive. The key to using the cards mindfully is to start reading only when you have a clear mind and be respectful towards the cards by accepting the wisdom that the tags are trying to offer you.

Tarot card reading solely depends on the ways a reader connects with the cards personally. Therefore the ability of tarot card reading gambles on the self-exploration and intuition of the tarot card reader. Tarot LifeA tarot reading app is the best guide for someone who is beginning to learn tarot card reading.

Tarot beginners can use this app to understand the meanings of different cards.

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