Halloween is perhaps my favourite time of the year. Even more than Christmas. There is something about all the spookiness that is almost endearing. The neighbourhood is full of little kids in cute costumes out looking for candy. People decorate their homes with ingenious scary stuff that jumps out at you. Teenagers and young adults head out to costume parties for a night of fun. And some people like me, well we settle in for the night to watch some scary movies.

Must-Watch Halloween Movies 2019

We get it, Halloween can be a busy time, especially if you’re managing young kids and teens. It can get stressful, and the only thing that helps me is putting my feet up in the evening and munching on my kids’ candies. All while catching the best Halloween movies on Netflix.

Halloween movies

Halloween movies on Netflix

The streaming service has changed the way we approach entertainment. Set the mood, search through thousands of titles, select one, and sit back and enjoy. This year, Netflix went all out with its Halloween releases all through October. In case you didn’t get time to see any of them, here are some of the best horror movies you might have missed:

  1. It Comes at Night
  2. Hush
  3. Shaun of the Dead
  4. Psycho
  5. From Dusk till Dawn
  6. The Invitation

Let’s take a closer, spine-chilling look at these scary films and see what they’re about.

It Comes at Night

The apocalypse has happened. The future is bleak. Joe Edgerton plays Paul, a survivor living with his family in isolation, trying to avoid an infection. Things seem to be going well, as well as can be under the circumstances until another family of survivors appears. Paul reluctantly shelters the desperate family and lets them in, only to set off a wave of paranoia, intrigue, and of course, the undead.


When Stephen King himself praises an indie horror movie, you know it is bound to be good. Silence Hush does not disappoint. A masked murderer (bringing back memories of Psycho) terrorises a mute and deaf woman in her home. Kate Siegel plays the young victim, while John Gallagher Jr plays the masked villain. Prepare for chills, thrills, and a completely unexpected ending in this indie flick.

Shaun of the Dead

It doesn’t have to be just zombies and blood this Halloween. Don’t get me wrong, Shaun of the Dead has plenty of both. But the black comedy will have you in stitches almost from the get-go. Meet Shaun, a simple guy without too much ambition who suddenly finds himself in a zombie apocalypse. Shaun barricades himself in a pub, joined by other survivors as they try to live against the odds. Be ready for some excellent genre references and off-beat comedy.

Because it is not that scary, you may add it to your list of Thanksgiving movies 2019.


No Halloween can be complete without this classic slasher-horror from Alfred Hitchcock. Almost everyone has seen some version of the bathroom scene with hair-raising music playing as the slasher approaches an unsuspecting victim in the shower. Psycho follows a creepy motel owner with an uncomfortably confused relationship with his mother. Anthony Perkins plays an iconic role as Norman Bates, the slasher in a mask.

From Dusk till Dawn

Quentin Tarantino’s gore-filled masterpiece has action and horror in equal measure. The movie is a B classic with an eclectic mix of genres. Tarantino and George Clooney play two criminal brothers who are on the run from the law after killing a Texas Ranger. They cross over into Mexico and decide to stop at a remote strip club. Little do they know the club is the lair of ancient snakelike vampires thirsty for fresh human blood and meat. Netflix also has a TV show of the same name, based on the same story.

The Invitation

A man receives a dinner invitation from his ex-wife and decides to bring his current girlfriend along. However, things slowly start taking a darker turn, as the man begins to suspect there is a much darker purpose behind the invitation. The Invitation picks up steam slowly, creeping up on you, and leaving you with chills running down your spine.

Halloween has just passed us by, but don’t worry if you didn’t get time to catch these movies. All of them are currently streaming on Netflix.  All you need is a little spare time and a decent internet connection. This Halloween, Optimum specials and Netflix were my best friends. Let’s see what new horror next year brings.