Himalayan is a mountain range, on the northwest the Himalayan range is bordered by Hindu Kush and Karakorum. It is separate from the other vast ranges of central Asia. These Himalayan ranges are considered consecrated or sacred in Jainism and Hinduism. Main product of these ranges is Himalayan salt that has so many benefits

Salt is the basic individual taste and an important mineral that consists of sodium chloride Na-Cl. So many different ways are used to attain salt. The practice of obtaining salt is simple which is processed from salt mines and mostly from evaporating the seawater. For thousands of years it is used in cooking to flavor the food. It also provides several biological functions.  

Himalayan salt is a type of rock salt or sea salt mine in Pakistan located in Punjab region in the foot mountain of the Himalaya hills. The salt that is obtained from Himalayan ranges is of pink color and this pinkish tint is because of mineral impurities. In the market, it is sold with a claim of health benefits but not find any proper evidence that proves it. It is noticed that Himalayan salt benefits are more than regular salt, as Himalayan salt has eighty-four other trace elements and minerals than the regular salt. 

Scientist Research

There are no proper scientific studies about Himalayan salt, but it is clear that table salt has more sodium than Himalayan salt, as this is true that except sodium chloride many other important minerals are removed when table salt is baked and treated. The other minerals like calcium, potassium, bicarbonate, bromide, borate, fluoride, and magnesium all are found in Himalayan salt in rich quantities and due to its superior mineral content or higher abundance of minerals, it is more good than table salt.    With the short of regular salt in the body, could potentially escort to the deficiency of iodine that may cause laziness in actions. 

Himalayan Salt is Healthy or Not

Pink Himalayan has a good reputation in health benefits as it contains more minerals. Himalayan salt is naturally pink in hue and mined near the Himalayas ranges in Pakistan. Most people consider that Himalayan salt provides incredible health benefits but the key differences between table salt and Himalayan salt are noticed that regular salt is mostly used in cooking as it may also be called iodized salt and it is more important because it prevents goiter or thyroid gland condition.

Few Striking Himalayan Salt Benefits

Many people select Himalayan salt just of its appealing pink color or sometimes as a replacement for conventional regular salt. There is not much difference but extremely similar to table salt. Most people like Himalayan salt, because it has less amount of sodium level and immense minerals and elements. Here some advantages of Himalayan salts are observed and these are:

1 :Skin Retain Moisture

Pink Himalayan salt when mixing with magnesium flakes then better absorption of minerals held. It also helps your skin preserve moisture and is ideal to get rid of painful or tired feet when soaking in warm water for a few minutes and hydrates the skin as well.

2 :Exciting Facial Spray

Himalayan salt sprays are very useful. It gives a good result if used on your body or face throughout the day as needed. To make a facial mostly use 1 cup of distilled warm water with a few drops of lavender, mint or eucalyptus and add one tablespoon of pink Himalayan salt in a spray bottle. This spray is useful and used in many different spa products.

3 :DIY Body Scrub

According to the Dermatologist of American Academy production of collagen enhanced by the regular exfoliation and it keeps the skin smooth. So must try the DIY body scrub and it removes the dead skin cells. Use it on your body in a circular motion and it also avoids broken skin.

4 :Giving Relief for Sore throat

Himalayan salt is used for a gargle in old times as a remedy to relieve a sore throat.  Just take one cup of warm water and add a half teaspoon of Himalayan salt in it and gargle with it for soothing a sore throat.

5 :Prevent Dehydration

To accomplish optimal fluid balance and to prevent the body from dehydration the pinch of Himalayan salt in drinks or foods is truly effective. To retain fluid balance a little amount of sodium is essential and Himalayan salt is the best source of it.

6 :Natural Salt

It’s a belief of little community that Himalayan salt is more pure or natural than regular salt. As sea-salt or salt from the mine is heavily refined and to prevent clumping mixed with anti-caking agents. So, it attains more sodium aluminosilicate as well Himalayan salt has not many additives because it is less artificial.

7 :Salt Rock Lamps

To radiate pinkish hue or pink color light bulbs are positioned in the hollow blocks of Himalayan salts. These lamps are also used for decorative purposes and have many health benefits. Himalayan salt lamps produce ions when lit, it also clears the surrounding air in homes, pacifies allergies, and builds your mood and creates an ideal sleeping atmosphere.

8 :Himalayan Salt Baths

For the treatment of eczema, psoriasis, and severe acne its antimicrobial properties are very useful, and in case of acne Himalayan salt baths treat acne hard to reach areas like shoulders or back. Himalayan baths are helpful to transfer magnesium to the body. Because magnesium is necessary for physical condition. It relaxes the body and diminishes the pain or stress, and generates negative ions. 

9 :Health Effect of Pink Himalayan Salt

In the world of technology and sciences, everyone knows that salt creates more risk instead of good health and is chemically similar to regular salt. Taking salt has a positive effect and reduces the depression, or risk of infectivity and exterminate destructive bacteria. Himalayan rich minerals have major benefits on health. 


There are many claims of its benefits but an excess amount of anything must damage the health. Anyhow, salt is the most important ingredient of cooking. Without its addition, the taste of meals becomes zero. The consumption of too much pink Himalayan salt can cause a rise in blood pressure. So the balance in diet and life is always effective.