Winter is that time of the year when all the laziness in you is exacerbated by cold weather. It is also that time of the year when you want to stock up with the needful things and hibernate for the upcoming harsh months. However, nobody likes to stay in a dirty house for so long. All the dust and dirt that have entered your house during the summer and autumn months must have settled in inaccessible places. Therefore, cleaning your home before the winter sets in is a great idea to hole up in your house hygienically.

5 Awesome Home Cleaning Methods

One great tip to efficiently clean your home is to clean it from inside to outside. The amount of cleaning required is always more inside the house, but the amount of organisation needed for different objects is still more on the outside. Here are five remarkable home cleaning methods to use this Winter:

Home Cleaning Methods

Awesome Home Cleaning Methods To Use This Winter

1. Dust Thoroughly

Dusting is a primary yet effective method to clean the house thoroughly. You may have observed that dust settles faster in colder months. That is because the air tends to be drier and denser. Also, the windows and doors are shut throughout the day, which makes the dust settle at places that are difficult to reach. Make sure you dust the shelves, tabletops, lightings, window panes, and underneath the furniture. Another essential thing to clean is the heater. A dirty heater will only spread dust particles which may lead to allergies and infections. Make sure to dust the radiator from the inside using a microfiber cloth.

2. Clean The Underneath Of Everything

Dust often tends to settle at places that are easily missable during the regular cleaning and vacuuming. You may want to flip the furniture and appliances to reveal such situations so that you can wipe them properly. Tilting heavy furniture not only lets you clean the floor covered by it but also wipe and scrub the underneath of it. Also, look for spots behind the fridge to clean them and maintain their function. Any horizontal surface tends to collect dust over and under it. Therefore, make sure you don’t forget to clean such places in your house.

3. Clean The Cleaning Tools

As the cleaning of different surfaces in a home is overemphasised, it is tough to remind yourself that the tools you use to clean your house also require cleaning. Otherwise, what is the use of cleaning a surface with a dirty mop? Cleaning these tools helps you get the most out of them. Disinfect the mop, dust the broom and clean all the garbage bins using detergent and scrubber. Also, clear the bag attached to the vacuum. In the kitchen, clean and wash the scrubber and sponge cloth. Machine wash all the washable tools. Doing this will improve the cleaning capacity of these tools and make them last longer.

4. Clean All The Blankets And Linen

Winter is a particular season for most of us. It is that time of the year when you want to snuggle up in your warm blanket and have a piping hot soup. But what if your comforter itself is dirty and smelly? All the cosiness will go away in a second if that happens. To prevent such a situation, make sure to thoroughly dust and then wash/clean all your blankets and other linen such as pillow covers, bedsheets, and even carpets. Vacuum clean the upholstery and other places where you might lay yourself in this cold weather.

5. Organise The Tools And Supplies

Maintaining cleanliness is not just about scrubbing and mopping different areas in your house. It is also about preventing any dirt or filth from entering your home itself! As the Winter commences, you must remain prepared with all the tools and supplies required to keep up the cleanliness and hygiene in your home. Put the snow shovels in a handy spot. Always stock up salt and other de-icers so that you’re not caught off-guard after a blizzard. Keep scrapers and brushes to remove snow from window panes and doors.

Put a shoe rack near the main entrance so that the dirty shoes from outside don’t soil the rest of the house. As most dirt comes from the outside, make sure to place a thick doormat to catch maximum dirt from entering the house. Pull your cold-weather gear like sledges and skis out of storage and make sure everything is in working order and ready to go. Make your coats, hats, mittens, and scarves handy.

There you have it! Winter is a beautiful season, and by keeping your house clean, you shall enjoy it fully. Considering that, it is never a bad idea to leave the fuss of cleaning your home to a professional. Here are some carpet cleaning deals in Germantown to look out for.