A missing tooth in the upper part of the mouth is enough to give you a panic attack when you host a seminar in a big conference room. The spotlight is on you and your missing teeth. So what should you do at the meeting? Should you focus on your speech, or should you think about the ways to hide your missing teeth?


There’s no need to worry so much. Dental implants not only help to fix your missing teeth but also give back your lost confidence.

What Is A Dental Implant?

dental implant

Dental Implants

Debt implant is a process where a titanium rod (resembling the natural root structure) is fused with the bone by a process known as osseointegration. This is done to give a strong base for a new artificial tooth. The rod is usually placed in the jawbone just below the gum to provide you with excellent support and strength.

Dental implants are extremely popular nowadays since the success rate is exceptionally high. Dental implants help people eat and speak properly as long as they have healthy gums, good oral hygiene, and enough jawbone depth.

How Dental Implants Can Help To Boost Your Self-Confidence

People want to look good nowadays. Cosmetics surgery helps to enhance your beauty. Yes. It’s an expensive procedure, but people are ready to pay for getting pleasing aesthetics.

Dental implants give you double benefits. They help you look good. Plus, they help you feel good. They help to take care of the functional necessities also. They restore your chewing capacity. You can enjoy your food and also absorb its nutrients, which is extremely important for your body.

Apart from replacing your missing teeth, dental implants also help to boost your self-confidence. Let’s find out how.

1. You Can Eat What You Love

Teeth about to fall or missing teeth or gaps between the teeth prevent you from enjoying your food. You feel embarrassed to eat in public.

But once you have a dental implant, you can devour all types of foods. Your teeth get a new chewing power. You can bite an apple and enjoy it in public.

2. Gives You Back A Radiant Smile

A missing tooth can prevent you from flashing a big grin in front of people. You may feel self-conscious. Various questions may pop into your mind like:

“What will people think if they see the gap  between my teeth?”

“Will they mock me? Will they laugh at me behind my back?”

“Oh! That’s terrible. It’s better; I don’t smile or laugh in public.”

Just think logically. Is it always possible to keep your lips sealed and pose a serious look? When someone is cracking jokes, you may end up laughing heartily without thinking about your missing teeth for the moment. What will you do then? What will happen to your image?

Controlling your emotions and laughter is not always possible. You are a human, not a robot.

Dental implants look and feel like natural teeth. They fill up the gaps and give a defined shape to your mouth and face. So you can laugh without getting conscious.

3. Gives You A Younger Look

The jawbone makes a big part of your facial profile. When you lose a tooth, your jawbone decreases. This leads to wrinkled lips. Your mouth and cheek sink. This ruins the charm of your face. You look old and worn.

Dental implants help to uplift your social profile through a process known as osseointegration. In addition, they help to maintain and reinvigorate bone growth.

4. Reduces Your Stress And Boosts Morale

Dental implants last for many years. If you act as per the suggestion of a good dentist, consult him periodically, and take proper care, then dental implants can last a lifetime. You can sleep peacefully at night and eat without any worry. In addition, the fact that you don’t have to spend a considerable amount on the maintenance of dental implants significantly boosts your morale.

Dental implants help you speak fluently because they are fixed inside your mouth. Regular dentures are not firmly fixed in your mouth. As a result, they move and give you slurred speech, which is quite embarrassing.

Even if conventional dentures are cheaper than dental implants, you should opt for the latter. A few extra bucks won’t put you in a financial crisis. But a slurred speech can stop you from interacting with people confidently.

What To Do Before Opting For Dental Implants

Just because dental implants help maintain oral hygiene and facial profile, it doesn’t mean that you should have the surgery without any second thought. First, consult a dentist in your locality. For example, if you live in Rajarhat, consult a good dental clinic in New Town Kolkata, and ask the dentist if you should go for dental implants. An experienced dentist can tell you if you’re in a condition to go for this surgery. However, there are a few factors that he needs to check beforehand for getting 100% success.


After Hollywood celebrities like Tom Cruise and George Clooney have gone for dental implants, people have realised two things. First, age is not a factor for dental implants. Second, dental implants are more essential than beautiful clothes and jewellery. They can give white, bright, and defined teeth to anybody.

There is a reason why dental implants are more popular than traditional dental treatments. They help to give a defined facial structure, and that makes you look younger. However, It’s easy to take care of the titanium rod because that is fused with the jawbone. So, one can easily say that dental implants are a good and effective solution for replacing missing teeth.