Children are a gift of God for parents. There is no replacement for the joy of having a baby for the first time. However, joy comes the responsibility and tension of protecting the baby from hot or cold weather. How a baby is dressed, and baby clothing is the most critical factor you need to take care off. It is just about how many layers to add or subtract from the baby clothing and maintaining it accordingly with the temperatures inside and outside. Here we are sharing an expert guide on how should you dress your newborn in the winter season, the guide is applicable for extreme weather as well as reasonable.

How to dress my new newborn in winter season or cold weather?

No matter, how the cold feels on your body, keep your new family layered with warm clothing. Furthermore, the following are some helpful tips that may help.

Additional layering for the newborn:

If it is cold enough that you are wearing a few layers, the simple rule is to add an extra layer for the toddler to the number of layers you are wearing. This is important because a newborn does not have enough energy to fight the cold weather. However, the rule is not to be followed very strictly as the room temperature, and other things might affect the amount of cold you are getting. For example, if you have just came from outside, the temperature outside is naturally colder than outside.

Layering, layering, and layering:

The most important tip for how should you dress the newborn in the winter season of extreme cold weather is layering as needed. Layering is beneficial for the baby as different layers of clothes trap heat in-between, thus soothing and protecting the baby from the cold outside. Also, layering does protect the toddler from cold winds. Therefore, layering is most important and should be done following the temperatures in which the baby is.

Layering is an important factor against low temperature

Layering for a newborn has the same importance as adults in winter.

From head to toe:

Don’t treat the baby as you can treat yourself during the cold season. In the effort to protecting your child from getting cold, covering the newborn from head to toe is most important. Only a single exposed body part could be dangerous and the reason for your baby to catch a cold. Therefore, use every kind of baby clothing accessories such as hats, gloves, socks, beanies, headbands, sneaker or hot shoes. Just remember not to let your baby’s any body part catch a cold.


Another important consideration to take while dressing the newborn for the winter season or cold weather is to avoid overheating caused by too many layers. Overheating is a severe problem for newborns; Sudden Infant Death Syndrome makes it even more fearful for new parents. It happens due to too many layers and not updating the sheets as according to the requirements of room temperature.

Carefully note the room temperature and check:

While your baby is sleeping in the room, room temperature is the most critical factor you need to take care of. Temperature anywhere between 68 to 72 degrees Fahrenheit is suitable for babies. But, keep checking your baby if he is sweating or getting colder. Skip blankets or any other extra layers, while the baby is asleep.