This is the main part of a solar system. A solar system is uncompleted without a solar inverter. Panels produce direct current DC that we cannot use in our daily life usage items. Our daily life electricity items use Alternative Current. A solar inverter converts the AC to DC for our solar-powered electricity items. It works as a heart system. It is known as the main part of our solar system. For a batter result, we need a batter product for our solar system.

Step by step guide to choosing a solar inverter:

The solar inverter should be according to our solar system requirement. Its different types are available in the market. It can confuse us while we are choosing a solar inverter for our solar energy system. Here are some guiding steps that will help you to choose a batter product.

1: Learn about its types:

These are available in the market in three different types. First, learn about their types and their specifications. And choose solar inverter according to your requirement. Three types are:

On-Grid Solar Inverter:

They are also known as grid-tie inverters. These are used in a solar energy system that is connected with the grid system. These are designed to provide extra electricity to the grid after completing your electricity need. In these systems, you cannot store the extra solar energy because they are connected with grid and you cannot use a battery with them. And these are very favourable for the power systems that are used for Net-Metering.

Off-Grid solar inverter:

These are used in the solar system that is independent in electricity production. These are used with a solar storage battery. It converts DC to AC from the solar battery. These types of solar inverters are the best option for you if you are shifting your completer energy system towards solar energy.

Hybrid Solar inverter:

These represent itself with its name. These are the modern shape of solar inverter. You can use hybrid solar inverters with any type of solar power system. The main issue is that they are very expensive as compared to other solar inverter types but the advantage is that it is reliable and durable. These are very easy to install and maintain.

2: Check its efficiency, reliability and durability and life-time:

It is very important to check the efficiency and lifetime of a solar inverter. Solar energy is not a project of limited time; it is a long-time investment. So make sure that it has good efficiency and lifetime as well as its reliability and durability while working with a big solar power system. According to the research, solar panels have the ability to work at least 25 years, so they should also meet this quality level.

3: Parameter indicator:

Parameter indicator will help you to check and analyze efficiency. The parameter will indicate you about its input voltage and output voltage. By this, you can understand the voltage frequency and efficiency of different circuits. In summer, solar panels become so hot, and there are chances of electricity loss due to any damage as well as loss in solar panels efficiency. This parameter will help you to diagnose the actual problem in input voltage and in output voltage. And in winter, it will show you actual input voltage form solar panels and impact of season on a solar power system.

4: Check its cooling system:

A good quality solar power system has a specified cooling system. The cooling system is very necessary for a solar inverter because of its working and sunlight. It’s continually working and sunlight can be a cause of heating. A heated solar inverter can because of big damage and loss of work efficiency.

5: Read guidelines and warranty policy:

The last point is very necessary as other points. If you are not reading warranty policy and guidelines before purchasing, this will be a costly item for you. Read the guidelines and act according to the instructions. Read warranty policy and brand reputation in the market. Check warranty policy is in your favour or not. After this, you can feel good purchasing experience.


This practice will help you to get a good and efficient product for your solar power system. you can find all of its verities in China, India as well as in Pakistan with less solar inverter price in the local market as well as online market. Choose according to your requirement of the solar power system. Hopefully, this guide will help you to choose a batter solar inverter for your solar system.