Transforming the look of your home, with the help of renovation, is certainly an exciting and anticipating phase. However, it can turn into a real ordeal, thanks to the post-renovation mess. Not all contracts include the removal of junk that is left post-renovation in their set of responsibilities. Thus, your ultimate resort would be to rely on junk removal Solano County services.

On this note, we have discussed some important tips that will help prevent junk pile up on the renovation site:

Clean Regularly During the Project

The most important tip to follow here is to clean the area regularly. Although it can be tough to do it, if you’re following this practice, dust and dirt will not pile up. Eventually, you will be left with a little mess to deal with once the renovation project has ended. It will help prevent dust and dirt pile up.

Remove Construction Debris

Once the project has been complete, the first thing should do is remove construction/remodeling debris. Whether it is large piles of concrete, hardware, broken tools, scrap wood, countertops, or any other kind of waste, it should be dealt with on priority. This type of junk also possesses safety risks; thus, removing them at the earliest is recommended.

The biggest challenge is the disposal of construction debris. What most people do is that rent dumpsters. This, although effective, requires plenty of hard work. Furthermore, depending on your location, you would also need to get a permit. Therefore, the entire process can become rather challenging. The easy way out here is to hire professional junk removal services. Numerous companies specialize in providing construction debris removal services. Hire the best out of the lot and let the professional take care of this important task.

Clean up Dust

The next step is to clean up the dust that’s left behind after the renovation/remodeling project. Bear in mind that the construction dust is different from the regular dust we have in our dwellings. It is incredibly fine and can settle in any part of your home.

Apart from making your home look dirty, construction dust is also hazardous to the respiratory system. Breathing it can make you and your family members ill. Therefore, clean your home thoroughly right after the construction project is over. Make sure you’re wearing goggles, a face mask and gloves while doing this.

Here are some cleaning tips that can help you during the post-renovation cleaning process:

  • Wall Cleaning: Start with the walls. Be very careful as there is a risk of damaging them if you’re not doing it properly. The right way to do so is to wipe them using a soft damp towel. Then, take your broom and wrap a cloth around its bottom area. Secure it using a tap. Use it to clean the dust on the walls.
  • Clean Fans and Ceiling: Next, clean ceiling and fans. You can use your vacuum cleaner’s soft bristle brush for this purpose.
  • Clean Window Frames, Doors, and Baseboards: Use a soft towel and dusting spray to clean these surfaces and give them a new-like look.
  • Sweep, Mop and Vacuum Your Home: The next step would be to sweep, mop, and vacuum your home. Make sure each part of the home is properly cleaned so that there is no trace of dust and dirt left behind.
  • Light Fixtures and Bulbs: Often, people neglect such items and dust keeps accumulating on these items. So, it is important to clean bulbs and light fixtures regularly.
  • Clean the Entire Kitchen: Vacuum clean the entire kitchen area before doing the dusting. This way, even if there are some dust particles left, they can be cleaned with the help of a dusting spray. Furthermore, clean cabinets as well, even if they were not part of the renovation project. It’s always a wise idea to clean them regularly. Other than that, pay attention to countertops and backsplashes, often neglected areas of the kitchen. Clean faucets and areas around the sink as well. Also, clean appliances.
  • Clean Bathroom: Next, move to the bathroom and give it a complete swipe. Don’t forget to clean mirrors too, as dust can get settled on them as well.

The sooner you’re cleaning your home after a renovation project, the better it is going to be for you. If you do not have enough time in your hand, do not delay the process. It will make matters worse. The best idea for both removing junk and cleaning the entire area would be to hire professionals. For the former, you can rely on 3 Kings Hauling and More, a company expert in removing and disposing of construction debris and junk. While for the latter, any company that specializes in deep cleaning services can be selected.