Tired of blogging but still doesn’t see any improvement in your stats! Then you have been doing wrong somewhere. But here’s good news for all of you. In this article, I will be sharing some tips that will help you in bringing the traffic to your blog that you ever desired to. Let’s start with our very first tip that is:-

Write Quality Content For Your Blog:-

Writing a content which is what your reader is searching for is the first step to drive traffic to your blog. People like to stay on pages which are knowledgeable and if your content is just a bluff then get ready for a high bounce rate. Make sure that the content you are writing is well researched and written even a small grammatical mistake will be negotiated. Your content should be appropriate with your title and must contain images and info graphs.
Perform On-Page SEO:-

On-page SEO starts with proper keyword research. You will have to search for an adequate keyword under which your article can be easily ranked, and for that. I suggest you start with long tail keywords which have low completion, i.e., for which you can quickly be listed. Try adding alt attributes to the images. Try adding Meta description with your keyword in it.

Use Of Social Media:-


Social Media

Social media is like one of your daily routines, which you have been using since you were a child.  So you might be well known about using social media. Blogs gain,n most of its traffic for social media and Google search. It depends on what you post. You will most likely see these two kinds of post, for example, 1-“Hey guys check out these hair care tips.

They will be very beneficial to you.” 2- “Do you know what happens when you skip your hair care routine? Check out now. I bet you will never skip your hair care routine again.” You can see the difference yourself first post is kind of boring which most of the people would like to ignore. The second post is like shocking news and will not neglect by the viewers. So think before your post the sense of your words can give you a different figure of what you wanted.

Use Of Hashtags:-

While scrolling newsfeed you might have seen many posts with some random words followed by a hash like- “#picoftheday #instagood #entrepreneur #movienight” and many such kinds. But do you ever wonder why they are used for, or people are mad using these random and senseless words? But these words make a sense until they are used on social media. People follow keywords from different hashtags of different niches.

So if you are using any hashtags there is a hundred per cent surety that someone will follow it, i.e., they will be able to see your posts whether they follow you or not. Random people can engage with your post they can like, share and comment on your job till you are using the keyword which is followed by them. So it is must use correct keywords in building up your post,

Guest Blogging And Directory Submissions:-

Both these term to SEO but are a part of off-page SEO. As what the name suggest guest blogging means posting on the random website for a link from them, and directory submissions indicate submitting your blog over various directories.  Both these methods are intended for ranking of the blog and redirecting traffic from an external source.

Let me explain you in deep. In guest blogging, you will have to post on a site, and you will be allowed to paste the link of your content followed by anchor text. Which can be your keyword on which you are trying to rank. In directory submission, you directly have to submit your link to the online directories and have to wait for their approval.

Paid Advertisement:-

What is the paid advertisement? In simple words, we can say paying to a third party to show ads of your website. Most of the social media have their own ads services. Even you can try Google Adwords a paid advertisement service by Google. When using these services, you will be allowed to select your audience, location of your ads to be displayed, resizing your image, link to your post or page.

Thank you guys for reading this article. Hope liked it.