Bidet toilet seat is the technology that getting popular in many countries of the world. It helps you to wash you after using the toilet. Bidet toilet seat is generally installed for upgrading your general toilet to bidet toilet without the necessity of removing the complete unit. Thus, by installing a bidet toilet seat, you can mostly save a lot of money and make your toilet more convenient. Installing Bidet toilet seat is not very difficult, and you do not require any fancy tools for fixing it. Only the regular screwdriver and wrench is sufficient enough to do the complete installation.

You can get the best bidet toilet seat in the market at an affordable rate. Anybody can also connect the bidet toilet seat without any difficulty, and most importantly, you can also connect it to the hot water supply of your home. In this case, the water can be easily diverted to the bidet before reaching the toilet. Hence, the bidet water can be as clean as the water from the shower as well as a sink of your toilet. So, when you use bidet wash, it is seen that the dirty water gets drained into the toilet bowl.

Steps To Install Bidet Toilet Seat

The following are step by step procedure with the help of which you can install Bidet toilet seat easily without any assistance of an expert plumber:

  • Step 1: Turning Off The Water Supply Valve:

The first thing is you have to do while installing the bidet toilet seat is to turn off the water supply valve. It indeed seems to be a general sense to turn off the water supply valve, and everybody knows it even after that, it is mostly seen that people generally forget this most straightforward step. After you shut off the water supply valve, you should flush your toilet for removing any of the remaining water. This will be ensured that there is no leakage.

  • Step 2: Removing The Old Toilet Seat:

You will need to install your new bidet toilet seat in the existing toilet seat. That is the reason why it requires to remove the original seat and replace it with the new bidet toilet seat. So you have to unscrew the nuts and bolts on the existing seat of the toilet that holds the seat in its place. Then you should clean bidet toilet seat of the mounting area and install the bidet seat.

  • Step 3: Attaching The Bidet Seat Mounting Plate:

After that, you have to place the bidet mounting plate over the bidet toilet holes. It is imperative to insert the black bracket for lining up the bolt holes. In addition to that, you also have to put the mounting bolts with the help of the brackets. After that, you need to tighten the mounting bolts into the place. Actually, on the secured plate, you have to install a bidet seat. However, the installation method of the mounting plate varies slightly between the bidet seats, but more or less, it is almost the same.

  • Step 4: Installing The Bidet Toilet Seat:

Now that you have to install the bidet toilet seat and so you have to slide onto the mounting plate. It is imperative to adjust the position of mounting plate for aligning the bidet seats so that it can be appropriately aligned with the toilet.

  • Step 5: Connecting The Water Supply:

After shutting off the water supply for your toilet and once you turn off the water supply, then the toilet tank should be wholly flashed out. After that, you have to disconnect the tank supply hose of the toilet. You have to attach T-valve which comes with the bidet toilet seat along with the tank supply hose as well as the bidet seat supply hose. It is necessary to connect the T-valve with the bidet toilet seat on one side and attach the T-Valve with the tank supply hose on the top of the bidet toilet seat. After that, you have to tighten all the screw and make sure that all the connections are secured.

  • Step 6: Checking The Leakage:

Finally, it is essential to turn on the water supply and check if there are any kinds of leakage. In case the leakage is detected, it is first necessary to check whether all the connections are correctly tightened or not. For those who have an electronic bidet toilet seat, you must plug it into the ground. However, in this case, you can also use an extension cord if it becomes necessary. After correcting the leakage by tightening all the screw and cleaning the nozzle, you should press the wash button and recheck the leakage. But pushing the wash button, you must hold your hand over the nozzle as it starts spraying so that you can make sure that it does not leak anymore.

These are the step by step process with which you can install bidet toilet seat. But before you install the bidet toilet seat, you should first check whether all the parts are perfect or not. If there are any breakage and any problems in the bidet toilet seat, you should detect it and replace that before going for installation. Ensure you are using all branded and right quality parts for the installation of the bidet toilet seat. This is how you can install a bidet toilet seat without any difficulty.

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