You would not love to get up in the night and see the lizards crawling or cockroaches having a ball in your kitchen, right? No one will love that. Then what you can do to solve this problem? Confused? Let us look at some quick tips with the help of which you can keep your home pest-free.

Pests, the word itself is capable of giving nightmares to many of us out there. This creepy crawlies sneak out in the night and infest our homes. Not only do they make your environment unhygienic but also give rise to a lot of infectious diseases. Hence it becomes a necessity to get rid of the pests as soon as possible. You can try out ways yourself, or else the best way out is to hire pest control professionals and bid goodbye to your problems.

Ways To Keep Your Home Pests-Free

Lets us have a look at the best practices in which you can keep your home pests-free:

  1. Deep Clean
  2. Spray Essential Oils
  3. No Food As Buffet For The Pests
  4. Keep The Kitchen Sink Clean
  5. Get Rid Of Cockroaches
  6. Keep The Bathroom Clean
  7. Get Rid Of Standing Water
  8. Do Not Bring External Use Items Inside
  9. Bid Goodbye To Things That You Do Not Use
  10. Hire Pest Control Professionals

Deep Clean

One of the best ways to keep your home pest-free is by doing deep cleaning regularly. Your home needs cleaning, and this can be done only when you dedicate time to it. Just a regular cleaning will not help you in getting rid of the pests. You need to deep clean your home so that every nook and corner gets cleaned, and the pests stay away from your home.

Spray Essential Oils

Pests cannot bear smells, and essential oils act as the best way to keep them away. Essential oils like peppermint and lavender will give you the soothing effect that will create a positive aura. This smell will also help you keep the pests away as they are not able to bear it.

No Food As Buffet For The Pests

Why do you get rid of an unwelcome houseguest? Keep your house as inhospitable as possible: The party is over when you put away the snacks. Pests are no different — they came grubbing, holding food in sealed containers, or the fridge. Fresh fruits may make a nice table centrepiece, but bugs will gravitate to them, particularly fruit flies. Don’t forget about those cat bowls too. Hold them clean unless you intend to buy your next animal from its ant farm.

Keep The Kitchen Sink Clean

Always make it a point to clean your utensils and do not let them pile up in the kitchen. Your kitchen is the best place for the pests to breed if it is left dirty. Deep clean your kitchen once in a week. Spray naphthalene balls for freshness and also use fresheners to keep the kitchen smelling fresh and fair.

Get Rid Of Cockroaches

Use home remedies for cockroaches, and they will not dare to give you a fight in the future. Use boric acid and lemon or kill them with a spray. Use anything that you feel like but do not lose in the fight against the pests.

Keep The Bathroom Clean

Some apartment pest management tips do not include plague prevention tips and bathroom tricks. Yet the law above still applies to bathrooms too. Maintain clean, dry bathrooms. Clean the pot every alternative day using a toilet cleaner. Wash the sink with a heavy-duty bathroom cleaner, at least once a week. Leave the curtain on the tub dry and free from moss. Be sure the drain is not clogged with and still coated with hair and soap particles. Such minor steps can keep the bathroom hygienic and free from pests for more extended periods.

Get Rid Of Standing Water

Pests such as mosquitoes thrive in stagnant water. Clean the area around your house and ensure the drains running outside your house are cleaned as polluted, dirty water in the drains can cause mosquito-borne diseases such as dengue and malaria. Hold the buckets dry in your bathroom when not in use. The same is true of kitchen utensils.

When you have an air-conditioner that extracts water, don’t have a vessel under it for water collection. Search for alternatives like a pipe that can carry the water out as soon as it gets there. Or drain the vessel every day, and clean it. Be sure there is absolutely no standing water in your building or nearby.

Do Not Bring External Use Items Inside

If you have a kitchen garden or a lawn, chairs, shoes, buckets and other items expressly intended for gardening purposes are likely. Hold these items outdoors and try not to use them indoors until thorough cleaning. It is because getting them in will bring other animals into the house unknowingly, too. The same applies to the toys that your kids will use outside, such as battery-operated vehicles, bicycles, etc. Hold them safe in the garage or some other outdoor location, and warn your children not to take them indoors.

Bid Goodbye To Things That You Do Not Use

Decluttering your house is one essential pest control method. Whether you have empty boxes left in the house gathering dust or toys, the kids have outgrown-get rid of them. Such papers act only as hot spots for insects and germs. Sell or dispose of any old things, including old baby strollers, clothes, packaging material, plastic bags, broken luggage, etc. When you find it hard to decide whether to throw something or not, ask yourself: Can I use this object over the next three months? If the response is no, then it is time to throw it out!

Hire Pest Control Professionals

When you feel like this is the end, and now you have tried each and everything, then the best thing you can do is to hire pest control professionals. The experts will reach out to you and will help you understand the amount of infestation in your place. They will check what kind of treatment your property requires. They will make you understand the products they will be using in your home. Also, it would be best if you asked them whether the treatment will be safe for the kids and pests or not.

Hire Pest Control Professionals

Hire Pest Control Professionals


These were some quick ways in which you can keep the pests away from your home. All you need to do is to keep a check on the pests, and if you think that there is a chance that pests infest your home, then be proactive and get going. Please give them a good fight and enjoy a healthy home that not only looks good but is also healthy and clean to the core.