Tarot is used worldwide to find valuable answers to questions related to fortune, health, love life, career and many more. Besides being considered as a fortune-telling tool, it is majorly used to find an ideal life partner.

As per Tarot Cards for Love Reading, a dynamic companionship is formed when the two people complement each other’s strengths and weaknesses and work together towards a common goal.

Tarot used to gain valuable insight about your past, present and future love life. However, It works as an inspirational guide revealing essential areas that need your attention in finding love.

Seek help from Tarot card reading for love prediction to find a pathway for changing your relationship status from single to committed.

Tarot Love Spread For Finding A Partner-

When your relationship tends to fall apart and hit the wall. Taking guidance from free Tarot reading for love life helps in uncovering hidden problems that are either keeping you away from finding a potential partner or experiencing a healthy relationship.

3 Card Spread For Love Reading

The three card spread is an easy and straightforward method to find answers about your life partner. From the deck of cards draw three cards one by one and place them in order from left to right.

  1. Card 1: Consider yourself in this position and find insights about your true feelings and what you want from the relationship.
  2. Card 2: This card relates to your partner. Moreover, It reveals essential information about what he/she has in store to offer, their feelings and what they desire from the relationship.
  3. Card 3: This card represents where your relationship headed towards and also highlights critical areas of improvement for a fruitful companionship.

5 Card Spread For Love Relationship

The five card spread provides a more in-depth picture of your relationship. Although it does not have a specific layout, you may create one by placing them in order of your choice.

  • Card 1: This card reveals your position in the partnership and what you have to offer. Additionally, it also demonstrates how your soulmate sees you in the relationship.
  • Card 2: As per free Tarot reading for love, the second card shows the characteristics of your partners, along with spotlight focus on what they have to offer.
  • Card 3: It represents your emotional compatibility and future with your partner and the challenges you might face.
  • Card 4: This card shows the emotional future of your partner and tells whether or not you both can enjoy a fruitful relationship with each other.
  • Card 5: This card used to know the overall potential of your love life. It provides valuable insight and helpful guidance to make the relationship work.

Tarot Card Reading For Singles

This spread used to reveal information about upcoming love prospects for singles.

Card 1: It used to represent your new love interests.

Card 2: It reveals your partner’s career and occupation.

Card 3: This card tells about your partner’s traits and characteristics.

Card 4: Demonstrates your partner’s flaws.

Card 5: This card shows what physical attributes you are looking for in your soulmate.

Card 6: This card will tell what was your first impression on them

Map 7: This card will show what was your partners first impression on you.

Card 8 and Card 9: These two cards used to show the emotional connection between you and your soulmate.

Card 10 and Card 11: Strengths and weaknesses of your relationship are displaying through these tarot cards.

Card 12: Finally, card 12 used to know about the future potential of your love relationship.

For this spread, read cards 1-5 collectively, followed by cards 6-9 then 10 and 11 and finally, in the end, read card no 12.

Find a love partner and know their different aspects using Tarot reading for love. Hence take control of your love life and find solutions for your romantic problems with Tarot card spreads.