Today, social media has become a part & parcel of everyone’s life. From waking up in the morning to going back to sleep, we impulsively visit these social networking sites numerous times. And if we have to name one such social platform to which we are highly addicted these days, then it would be ‘Instagram’.

This appealing & enticing social media application has left no one untouched with its wave of online socialising. People love to share their lives with others and have a sneak peek in theirs through a lively exchange of pictures, videos and short stories which they can smoothly perform on the Instagram app. But not just the ordinary people, Instagram has also established a consistent presence in the field of online marketing by helping brands to expose themselves in front of a global audience.

Embedding Instagram Feeds On Your Business Website

If you are already using Instagram to promote your business through different marketing campaigns, then the next wise step that you can take is – embedding Instagram feeds on your business website. Websites have provision for the Instagram widget or plug-ins to enable displaying an Instagram feed on the site by using the Instagram API.

But why is there a need to embed Instagram feeds on your website & what if someone does not follow this trend? Well, it is not mandatory to link your Instagram feed with your site, but if it is helping you to expand your business reach and is enhancing the credibility of your brand, then it’s a win, hands down. So, let us explore some of the significant benefits of connecting Instagram feeds to your website:

Enhances Visitor Engagement And Interaction

Embedding Instagram feeds on your websites is a smart way to keep your visitors engaged on your website for a longer time. Since the content which is being displayed in these feeds is mostly user-generated, so it automatically creates a connection with the website visitors, and they continue to scroll down the pastures to look what people are saying about your brand. And, if convinced by your brand image, they would be encouraged to connect with your Instagram page. This will boost interaction on your social media network.

Increases Conversion Rates

These Instagram feeds, when embedded on your e-commerce business website, can do wonders. Let’s assume that around 100 people visit your site in a day. Not all of them are your permanent customers. This is when Instagram feeds help you grow your business. Your website visitors are more likely to trust the content posted by other users than your professional & promotional material. The Instagram feed that you link to your website gives them direct access to the feedback and comments posted by their peers, thus influencing their purchase decisions and the conversion rates.

Augments Your Website UI

An Instagram feed can be termed as a wall painted with beautiful pictures and meaningful captions, which represent your brand. Adding it to your website would enhance its user interface, which would further attract more visitors to your brand. It works even better when you are running an e-commerce website. The audience on such platforms holds a lot more trust in word-of-mouth marketing. There is no better way of displaying user-generated content on a site other than embedding an Instagram feed.

Strengthens Brand Trust & Loyalty

Customer’s trust and loyalty are directly proportional to authenticity. The more real & authentic your brand looks, the more engagement it will get. By linking Instagram feeds on your website, you are showcasing the genuine and genuine content posted by your users. This, in turn, drives more attention towards your brand and instils a sense of trust among new consumers as well. More people talk about your brand. Which not only strengthens your brand image but also increases the credibility of your business.

Spike In Instagram Followers

It is a possibility that many of your website visitors are not aware of your presence on Instagram. When you link Instagram feeds on your site, it channelises your visitors directly to your Instagram page. This increases the number of followers on your IG page. Your brand is exposed to thousands of new users automatically.

Embedding Instagram feeds on a brand’s website is one of the numerous social media marketing strategies which are in trend today. But, if not used wisely, this technique can count against your brand image. Not all your Instagram feeds are worth getting a space on your official website. Content moderation plays a significant role in making or breaking your brand image in front of your audiences. Therefore, make sure that you apply appropriate filters and perform a manual check before you display user-generated content from Instagram on your website.

So are you ready to stand out in this big influential world of online marketing with your impressive Instagram feeds?