In simple words, the joints lie in the area of our body where the bones are joined together and make the skeleton able to move the body. Mainly, hips, shoulders, elbows, and knees are the common areas in the human body.
Joint pains are widespread since the beginning. Usually, when it happens, a patient doesn’t need to visit a doctor. Still, consulting one is always preferred as it is risk-free and clears all kinds of doubts. Aches, soreness, discomfort, and injury are common complaints regarding joint pains. Why do joint pains occur? What are joint pain causes? And how to get Joint Pain relief and treatment?.  Let’s have a brief review.

The Causes Of Joint Pains

The most common cause of joint pain is Arthritis, and it is further divided into two sub-categories. The first category happens to be faced by both the genders after the age of forty. It is known as OA as in Osteoarthritis. The second category is called RA. Rheumatoid Arthritis is generally found among women.

Joint Pain

Causes Of Joint Pain

Complaints regarding wrists, hands, knees, and hips lie in the first category of Arthritis. RA happens when the cushion or supporting pad of joints is broken or damaged on a temporary or permanent basis. Severe conditions of RA effects very negatively the membrane that lines the joints through a fluid build-up in them. Moreover, it causes inflammation, pain and eventually deforms the joints over time.

There are various other joint pain causes why they occur in the body. Besides the inflammation of cushioning pads covering the joints; there is lupus, gout, kneecap cartridge breakdown, tendon inflammation, bone infection, joint overuse. Furthermore, injuries through an accident can also make joint pain happen. Also, if someone has cancer, there is a hundred per cent chance of experiencing joint pains. All infectious diseases such as hepatitis, influenza, and mumps deliver a similar outcome.

Symptoms & Diagnosis

It is recommended that you see a doctor if you are experiencing pain in the joints, or around the joints, swelling, tenderness, and if it turns red. If the pain is severe, you might get a fever. So, visit the emergency room necessary to get it diagnosed. Also, if you have experienced injury or the joints seem to be deformed; total immobility or high levels of pain.

When you visit the physician, he/she will perform a simple X-Ray to diagnose if the symptoms are indicating any arthritis. To check other deformation possibilities you might have to take a blood test to check the blood count and the inflammation level in the body.

Treatment Of Joint Pain relief

Joint replacement surgery in Pakistan is quite expensive. Moreover, the operation is very much possible but has a high-risk factor regarding the procedure. Plus, the surgeon himself/herself should be an experienced one to consider. Surgery is recommended when there is no other solution workable to the joint pain problem. No doubts, there is a proper treatment for joint pains on the medical level. But, here, we will discuss how to reduce joint pains to avoid the illness for good. Let’s have a look at how to get Joint Pain relief.

Joint Pain

Joint Pain

10 Methods To Minimize joint pain causes and get relief

  • Cryotherapy – Ice Therapy

    If the joint area is showing swelling then the ice therapy is most effective as cold slows the blood flow. Apply a reasonable amount of ice in a cloth over the affected part for a maximum of fifteen minutes every hour. This whole process will completely resolve the issue by the end of the day if the problem exists on an initial stage. If the problem persists for the next day; do the same for four to five times a day in the same manner that is fifteen minutes.

  • Hydrotherapy

    If there is no swelling but little pain in the joint areas especially in the hips and knees then a hot water bath will help reduce the issue as warm water will let the blood flow properly and circulation will resolve the problem of pain very effectively. During bathe, a hand massage is also suggested to make the process proceed quickly.

  • Massage

    An instant recovery is witnessed through massage. It is an excellent way to get rid of joint Very helpful if you’re getting a massage professionally, so you get proper results. If you are doing it on your own, then keep in mind to do the massage with a menthol rub. While doing so, the direction of strokes should be towards your heart.

  • Natural Mixtures

    Herbs to work like natural medicine are excellent for joint Especially, herbal tea is a comprehensive joint pain treatment for the swellings in the hip and knee joints.

  • Physical Exercise

    It is a must for everyone even on health grounds to stay fit and fine regularly. A little bit of stretching and movement of the muscles will allow the joint pain to be gone within a few days and makeable the joint to become potent for good. Exercises should be consulted with the doctor so that you might not end up doing the wrong one.

  • Physical Therapy

    If the pains are severe and movement is not possible at all on your own then a physical therapist’s help is a must to consider to the Joint Pain relief. These therapies are incredibly professional and highly recommended. Plus, the results are fruitful most of the time.

  • Rest for Joint Pain relief

    Avoid stress, take long of periods of relaxation. This is recommended when you are also doing exercises related to Joint Pain relief or going through physical

  • Immobilise The Pain Area

    This is supported in rare cases. If the pain is exceptionally unbearable and no other option is left to work with; then the joint pain area is immobilised through a brace or splint.

  • Medical Treatment

    Several painkillers are recommended to ease out the pain of the joints. But these are not permanent and does not work for good. Eventually, you have to consider proper joint pain treatment if the medicine is not working for a long term plan.

  • Alternative joint pain Medical Treatment

    InstantInstant Activities like Yoga, Tai Chi, Acupuncture and Bikram highly enhance the performance of joints and help significantly in prevention.


In short, the pointers listed above are supposed to be adopted so that people can take care of their health and protect themselves from this severe illness. We all know that precautionary measures are always better than a cure. The joint replacement surgery in Pakistan is also an available option, but we pray no one reaches that stage as there lies a huge risk in operation. Take complete care of your health on absolute measures and consult physicians and doctors for thorough checkups.