As we are living in today’s techno effected world the amount of work. We are doing to get succeeded more than what’s considered to be normal & our brain isn’t designed to work that way. So when we don’t meet the deadlines of the work, we are assigned to do we come under that stress & unknowingly. A mental health disorder called anxiety develops that will cause fear of work in our daily activities.

We should need not to work as there are many scientifically proven ways to cure this. If you have an anxiety disorder, don’t see it as an illness because an illness has a cause to happen. But this one doesn’t because it can be caused due to any problem whether it is small or big doesn’t matter.

Useful Therapies For Anxiety Disorder

There are some therapies which can cure this disorder like Neurostimulation, Acupuncture, Psychoactive drugs. These are groundbreaking therapies but take enough time of yours & all these to require an extra amount of dedication. But now we are so much busy in our schedule how will we opt for these treatments. So there is also another way named Ketamine treatment for anxiety.

What Is Ketamine?

Ketamine is a powerful drug which is using in emergency rooms of hospitals; it is first introducing around 1960 then it was only used as an anesthetic. But after that, it was used a drug by club goers. Because it gave them hallucination & lucid dreams which is so popular among drug feeders, so now you must be thinking that Ketamine treatment for anxiety is for sure or not.

Ketamine Treatment For Severe Anxiety

Every drug has its side effect if taken in the wrong way & more than what’s required. When ketamine was introduced, it was used as an anesthetic but after that see how people misused it took more than what’s needed & here they have drug issues. Ketamine treatment for severe anxiety is proven scientifically that it can cure all types of anxiety problems when taken in the right amount. It can also ease your pain by working as a painkiller as a study shows that ketamine doses were given to the soldiers who were injured in the Vietnam War & it turned out to be pretty good. Since then many recherché are working behind to get universal approval for ketamine treatment for anxiety, but only some are getting allowed to use on patients whose condition meet with the requirements.

Some Disadvantages Of Ketamine Treatment For Anxiety Are-

  • Increases heart rate
  • Increases blood pressure
  • Nausea
  • Vomiting
  • Numbness
  • Depression
  • Amnesia
  • Long term hallucinations
  • Dizziness
  • Blurred visions

Bottom Line

But all this only happens when a person takes ketamine. When it isn’t prescribed to her/him & if taken into high amount than what’s required can also cause these symptoms. When you are prescribe from the doctor for ketamine treatment for severe anxiety than need not to worry as this is not a painful process because it can be taken as an injection or as a mixture in soluble drinks. But as the dosage increases than what’s prescribed then you will witness these symptoms because it takes only 24 hours for ketamine to work. So the is anything which makes more than required can lead to bad results.